1985A is the alternate reality of 1985, The altered timeline it belongs was started in 1955, where King Julien became rich by giving his younger self an almanac from 2015. The zoo is now a rundown, corrupt, hell-on-earth war zone.

Timeline of Timeline 4/1985A timelineEdit

  • 1955
    • November 12: King Julien gives his younger self the almanac
  • 1960's to 1970's
    • 1968: Skipper-A arrives at the zoo, meeting the Kowalski, whose now Kowalski-A
    • 1970's: The Penguin missions were erased
    • March 15, 1973: Private-A/Private was killed in a war between the Chimps & Apes
    • Sometime in 1976: Rico-A/Rico is killed by King Julien
  • 1980's
    • 1983: Kowalski-A is accidentally rocketed off to the Cragstone Mountains, Skipper-A moved away to the Wolf Shack
    • October 26, 1985: Skipper & Kowalski from Timeline 3 arrive back, They find out that the timeline has been ruined
  • 1990's & later
    • 1996: Julien is shot by Marlene, learning he killed Rico & was responsible for Private's death in 1973
    • 2004: Some accident occurs at the Wolf Shack, Skipper-A dies
    • 2015: In Timeline 3, Julien is erased from existance as 2015 is becoming part of the 1985A.


  • In 2015, Julien erases from existance as 1996A is when Marlene shot him, so when 2015A becomes part of the 1985A timeline, Julien is dead. This is a paradox as Julien could never have travelled back to 1955 to create 1985A if he never existed in 2015A.


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