Antarctic Influenza Black Death Dementia
Character Information
Gender  ?
Species Virus
Family  ?
Raised in  ?
(lives in)
Penguins under the destructive avian flu of Antarctica
Age Ancient
Talent(s) Dementia
Where can we find him/her
School Year 3 (First Mentioned)

Antarctic Influenza Black Death Dementia is a minor symptom of Antarctic Death Influenza, A deadly avian flu that kills Antarctic birds. The dementia erases short-term & possibly a few long-term memorys, Severus Snape fell victim to this symptom in the time of his imprisonment at Hoth, which eventually killed him.


Antarctic Influenza Black Death Dementia causes a dementia that creates both short-term & long-term memory loss, like when Severus Snape was victim.

Known VictimsEdit


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