Character Information
NickName Death Eater Avery
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Antarctica (possibly)
Family Avery family
Raised in Antarctica (possibly)
(lives in)

Age Unknown
Talent(s) Death Eaters
Where can we find him/her
School Year 1

Avery is a Slytherin student from Antarctic Penguin Middle School, He joined the Death Eaters after meeting Tom Marvolo Riddle, After his first year ended, he dropped out with the Death Eaters, He was involved in the invasion of the Ministry, He was imprisoned in Hoth with the Death Eaters after surviving the First Antarctic Wizarding War, He agreed for the plot to escape the prison after Malfoy's father's death & Snape's death, He survived the Second Antarctic Wizarding War & evaded the Ministry, but was finally captured & sentenced to die on Hoth by wampas.


Early YearsEdit

Like the other Death Eaters & Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort, It is unknown of his early years

Education at Antarctic Penguin Middle SchoolEdit

Avery met Death Eater Tom Riddle at school, he joined the Death Eaters & the Inquistorial Squad, which was soon purged from the school by their enemys, The Penguins

Leaving school & plot to invade the MinistryEdit

Avery left school with the other Death Eaters to plan to invade the Ministry

Please fill in


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