Back to the Future
Episode Information
Air Date: September 8, 2011
Usually Aired With: Back to the Future Parts II

*Minor roles

Episode Guide
Previous Episode: It's About Time
Next Episode: Back to the Future Part II

Back to the Future is an episode of Season 4


Part One: 1985Edit

Skipper arrives back at the HQ, but Kowalski, Private & Rico are still gone, Skipper answers the phone & Kowalski tells him to meet him in Central Park at 1:15 in the morning, Skipper heads to Central Park, he meets Kowalski there, As he headed to the Park, Marlene handed him a form for donations to replace the clock on the clock tower, which hasn't worked in 30 years since the bell had been struck by lightning, causing the gears inside to move the hands to short circuit, Kowalski explains he recreated the Chronotron into a DeLorean car after re-styling their first. Kowalski shows Skipper how it works & then becomes nostalgic as he remembers how the Park was in 1955, when he first got the idea after the chemistry accident he had the same year, Kowalski refuels the DeLorean, preparing to travel 25 years into the future, Unfortunately, Private alerts them that the Beaver terrorists that Kowalski ripped their plutonium off, Kowalski gets shot & Skipper escapes, accidentally activating the time circuits, he reaches 88 mph & takes off to the date/time: November 5, 1955 6:20 a.m.

Part Two: 1955Edit

Skipper accidentally drives the DeLorean into Fred's tree, But is actually owned by the Granny Squirrel, (who was seen in the Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel, she is 30 years younger), Granny Squirrel unleashes her rabid squirrels on Skipper, which Skipper drives away, he sees that the zoo has changed as the Lemur Habitat has been deserted.


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