Scene I: Penguin Habitat (Interior), 1985Edit

Skipper climbs down the hatch, he finds no one in the HQ

Skipper: Kowalski, Private, Rico, Kowalski!

Skipper picks up an intercom

Skipper: (voice echoing on the speakers) Kowalski, Private, Rico, All of you, report to the main level of the HQ, Stat!

Skipper puts down the intercom, No one comes, Skipper attempts to work the TV, Suddenly, Skipper is blasted back by it, The phone rings

Skipper: Hello

Kowalski: Skipper

Skipper: Kowalski, hey, where have you been, is Private & Rico there with you

Kowalski: Yeah, both of them are here with me, Can you meet me at 1:15 a.m. in the Park

Skipper: Sure, you know you left your stuff on

Kowalski: Everything's on, by the way, Skipper, Stay away from the TV, There is a slight chance of overload

Skipper: I'll keep that in mind...

Suddenly, several alarm clocks go off

Kowalski: Are those my clocks I'm hearing

To be continued...

Scene II: Central Park, 1985Edit

Coming soon

Scene III: Central Park, 1955Edit

Coming soon

Scene IV: The Zoo, 1955Edit

Coming soon

Scene V: Penguin Habitat (Exterior), 1955Edit

Coming soon

Scene VI: Penguin Habitat (Interior), 1955Edit

Coming soon

Scene VII: Penguin Habitat (Interior), 1955Edit

Coming soon

Scene VIII: Otter Habitat, 1955Edit

Coming soon

Scene IX: Clock Tower Square, 1955Edit

Coming soon

Scene X: The Zoo, 1985Edit

Coming soon

Scene XI: Central Park, 1985Edit

Skipper reaches the location & stands by a tree, Kowalski has his hands raised, The Beavers shoot, Kowalski falls

SkipperA: No! You @#$%

The Beavers shoot at SkipperA, Skipper A runs around the van, The Beaver's gun jams as the hammer clicks, Their van also stalls, SkipperA gets into the DeLoreanA, The Beavers begin chasing the escaping DeLorean', Skipper dives to the bushes in front of him, he watches as the DeLoreanA ignites & vanishes with SkipperA to 1955, The Beavers crash into the tree the DeLoreanA was aimed at,

Rico: Skipper!

Private: Kowalski!

Skipper runs to Kowalski's body, Private & Rico find them, Skipper flips Kowalski over to show Kowalski's eyes unblinking, While Skipper & the others think Kowalski is dead, Kowalski blinks & sits up, he opens a jacket colored like his feathers to reveal a bulletproof vest

Skipper: Bulletproof vest, How'd you know, I...

Skipper sees Kowalski hold up a ripped paper taped back together, Skipper recognizes it as the letter he wrote to Kowalski in 1955 to warn him

To be continued...

Scene XII: Penguin Habitat, 1985Edit

Coming soon


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