This is a chart about alternate timelines


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The stars in the boxes represent the time machines arrival, If it's blue, it's from the future, if it's red, it was caused by a ripple effect, If it was green, it was from the past

Timelines 1885 1955 1985 2015
Timeline 1 *
Timeline 2 * * *
Timeline 3 * *
Timeline 4 * *|*
Timeline 5 *
Timeline 6 *
Timeline 7 * *
Timeline 8 * *

Timeline 1: Kowalski transports Rico one minute forward in time, Skipper drives the DeLorean back to 1955, creating Timeline 2

Timeline 2: Skipper arrives in 1955, he returns to 1985, Kowalski heads to 2015

Timeline 3: Kowalski returns to 1985 to get Skipper, he goes to 2015, he creates a ripple effect, creating a Timeline 4, but this wasn't existant yet

Timeline 4: Julien steals the DeLorean & goes to 1955 to give himself the almanac & returns to 2015, finding itself turning into 2015A

Timeline 5: Kowalski, Skipper & Marlene return to 1985A to find the changes

Timeline 6: Kowalski & Skipper depart to 1955 to correct 1985A, They create Timeline 7 through another ripple effect, The seventh timeline was still non-existant until Kowalski was hit by lightning

Timeline 7: Kowalski is sent back to 1885, He leaves the DeLorean in a mine to protect it until Skipper & the 1955 Kowalski uncover it

Timeline 8: Skipper drives to 1885 to save Kowalski & drives both of them back to 1985, where the time machine is subsequently destroyed

Timeline 1Edit

Timeline 2Edit

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Timeline 8Edit


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