Central Park Zoo
Zoo Rally Race Commission


King Julien XIII


2009, 2016 (reformed)





Lemur Empire


  • King Julien XIII
  • Mason


  • King Julien XIII (Founder)
  • Mason (Leader, Judge, Commentator)
  • Phil (Judge, Commentator)
  • Marlene (Judge, Flag)
  • Chameleons (Traffic Lights)
  • Burt(Judge)

First Appearance:

New York War

Central Park Zoo Zoo Rally Race Commission (CPZZRRC) is a commission founded by the Lemur Empire for the Zoo Rally.


Before & Early Days of the CommissionEdit

2009 Rally Race Edit

The 2009 Zoo Rally race was the Lemur Empire against the Penguins. It wasn't classified as a rally race for it was six months before the founding of the Commission, plus, it wasn't for the Zoo Cup.


The Lemur Empire founded the Commission in October, exactly six months since the first real race of the Zoo Rally, which was classified as an unofficial race for the Commission hadn't scheduled it nor was it founded at the time.

Dissolvation Edit

The Commission dissolved on May 5, 2010, because of the outbreak of war between the Zoo & Al Qaeda.

Race ContestsEdit

  • 2010 Rally: The Penguins won the Rally in 2010, The Lemurs lost half of the Park Cup & the entire Pond Cup, As well as the first race in the Zoo Cup. The race was at 200 cc.

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