Ice Vegetation is the state of being frozen, the word continuous is added if the state keeps happening often, frequently or almost all the time.


Ice Vegetation happens when a penguin is frozen in ice or frozen to the point that muscle control is impossible until thawing out. Continuous Ice Vegetation that happens constantly will cause a penguin's body to go into Frozen Chest Disorientation, Ice Disease or Cold Brain Disorder & will send the penguin's body into hypothermia. According to penguin research, no penguin has ever survived being frozen more than 10 times within a period of 31 days since being frozen.

Frozen Chest DisorientationEdit

Frozen Chest Disorientation is when a penguin is frozen or swims in freezing cold water for a long time & ingests cold food, such as ice cream, the body would be in a severe state of hypothermia & the brain would be in a state of temporary paralysis, sending the heart & respiratory system into overdrive, causing the rib cage to swell & ache.

Ice DiseaseEdit

Ice Disease is a disease that occurs by swimming in freezing cold water or being frozen often & signs of it is the act of freezing or being paralyzed at unexpecting moments, such as stopping abruptly in the middle of a sentence & the whole body going rigid or stiff while being locked into a certain position for around 15 seconds. Ice Disease is a slow down in the heart & brain & causes extreme hypothermia.

Cold Brain DisorderEdit

Cold Brain Disorder is a long-term disorder caused by freezing or swimming in freezing cold water oftenly & the brain is so cold, the penguin suddenly loses consciousness for a few minutes & then is awakened again. The more frequent the acts of unconsciousness means the colder the body gets to the point that death is imminent. The symptoms of this disorder are similar to narcolepsy, but narcolepsy is sleeping, not unconsciousness.


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