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This article is based on a sea in the Beaver Hemisphere, You may be looking for the Dark Triangle

Dark Sea


In the Beaver Hemisphere, Right inside the Dark Triangle in the west of Africa

Known Inhabitants:

The Monster Fish

First Appearance:

Gone Fishing

Additional Appearances:

Operation Vacation (possibly)

The Dark Sea is a sea that is located in the middle of the Dark Triangle, The Dark Sea resides mostly on the inside, but some of it's storms can escape to regional seas near the Triangle & spread the Dark Sea storms, it is mostly storming in outer regions, The heart has calm water, but the monster of the Triangle lives there.



The Penguins went fishing in the Dark Sea/Triangle to win the yearly fishing competition's grand prize, but Private & Rico both got caught by the monster & reproduced into it themselves, but were finally cured after swallowing an antidote.

Possible 1990 visitEdit

Main article: Operation Vacation

The Penguins possibly visited the Dark Sea by accident while attempting to get to Britain as Private could see the rim edge rocks lining the Triangle. But the storm flew them back to Hoboken.


  • The Dark Sea isn't to be confused with the Dark Triangle.
  • The Penguins could've visited the Dark Sea by accident when sailing their boat to Britain as they might've forgotten to turn south & got caught in a storm that flew them to Hoboken or that could be just a coincidence which isn't likely as there is a line where Private claims he saw the Triangle, but that was omitted from the transcript.


Gone Fishing (First appearance)

Operation Vacation (Possible appearance)


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