Dementor Attack on the Penguins
Part of the Rockgut War
Dates: August 23, 2044
Locations: Penguin HQ, Central Park Zoo, Central Park,
Manhattan, New York
  • James nearly lost his soul permanently
  • The dementors were driven off
Cause: Red Squirrel feared the Penguins
would take side of Buck Rockgut
& sent dementors after them to
neutralize them
Result: The dementors were driven off,
The Penguins take Rockgut's
side of the war
Appearance(s): Rockgut War

The Dementor Attack on the Penguins was a planned battle by Red Squirrel, Red was afraid the Penguins would join Rockgut & sent dementors to destroy them


Stand your ground, men

-Jake, moments before the dementors arrive

After the Penguins returned home from their education down in Antarctica, They learned of the Rockgut War, which sprouted prior to their graduation day, Red Squirrel was afraid the Penguins would take Buck Rockgut's side, While they were neutral, he believed it was just a scam to fool him, He sent four dementors to get them.


James was armed, As he spun around, He saw the dementor, The Dementor's Kiss was instantaneous, he began losing the sense of vision, touch, hearing & more, he saw a small blue light leave his mouth, His own soul was out of him, he was going to be an empty shell forever, he had no memory, he couldn't think, if he could, he'd know it was over for him.

-James being kissed by the dementor

The dementors attacked the zoo flying in towards the Penguin HQ, Jake, who knew of the icy coldness, ordered Jack to hand them all Dementor Repulsion Guns as he knew it was unnatural to be that cold on the hottest summer days, The dementors flew into the HQ, There were different scenarios for each one: Jake was pinned to the wall, but fired the gun as the dementor attempted to plunge it's head in on him, John fired his gun at the first dementor he saw, Jack was pinned down to the floor, Him & Jake fired their guns, Unfortunately, James was Kissed as soon as he saw the dementor, John managed to save him by firing his gun at the last dementor, saving James' life as his soul immediately floated back into him.


James passed out after the near-Dementor's Kiss from the attack for a few days, When he woke up, The Penguins found out who sent the dementors on them as Jake had suspected it was planned & denied John's theory that it was just a coincidence the dementors showed up (which even he doubted his own theory) The Penguins declared war on Red Squirrel & joined Buck Rockgut.


Rockgut War (First appearance)

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