Department of Imperial
Lemur Insurance
Department Information
Founder: King Julien XIV
Founded: 2040 or earlier
Dissolved: 2045 or later
  • King Julien XIV
  • Duchess Lucinda
  • Maurice
  • Mort
  • Department of Lemur Economics
Purpose: To provide insurance to the Zoo Republic
Affiliation: Lemur Empire,
Lemur Stockholders Co.
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: Future of the Penguins
Additional Appearance(s): Penguin Bank Robbers

The Department of Imperial Lemur Insurance or Lemur Insurance Company or Imperial Lemur Insurance Company is a department in the Lemur Empire, which holds insurance on the Republic that lives in the Zoo, It was mentioned in Future of the Penguins & the building first appeared in Penguin Bank Robbers.



The Penguins registered insurance for military purposes, if anyone failed & was injured, died or got in a field or road accident, they'd be able to get the money they need.


The company couldn't help Jake for his surgery in Denmark, for the health insurance only covered up to 25 grand, which the operation was too expensive.

Insurance PricesEdit

Type of Insurance Compensation Price Price Status on payoff date
Life Insurance $500,000 $1000 Daily
Health Insurance $25,000 $750 Weekly
Car Insurance $5,000 $500 Monthly
Military Insurance $2,500 $250 Monthly
Property Insurance $1,000 $100 Annually



Life insurance covers the most amount compensation, but it is obviously very expensive, It must be payed daily or the Department will dock the coverage lowering it down by percent

  • First day: $500,000
  • Second day: $50,000
  • Third day: $10,000
  • Fourth day: $4,000
  • Fifth day: $3,200
  • Sixth day: $2,880
  • Seventh day: $2736
  • Eighth day: $2708.64
  • Ninth day: $0

The life insurance docks 10% after no pay on one day & requires twice as much money to reset the balance, If not paid enough or at all, the insurance goes down to 20, 40, 80, 90, 95 to 99% less until it hits the eighth day, in which the department docks the insurance & expires it, therefore, it must be paid at the first price to have it again, the strict Lemur policy only allows 3 life insurance attempts for payoffs, it would deny access to a fourth life insurance if the three before expired by not being paid.


Health insurance is the second most important, it helps cover any expensive operation under $25,000.


Car insurance runs with health & military as it helps with cars for military purposes & normal car accidents that Zoo animals would have.


Military insurance covers car, health & life insurance as it helps cover the extra need of money, as long as it is military related for any situation important where this extra coverage is in desperate need, (ex.: war)


Property insurance covers the money for any missing or stolen objects, as long as they're not priceless or over $1,000 in value or cost, The item would be replaced.


Future of the Penguins (First Mentioned)
Penguin Bank Robbers (First appearance)

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