Destiny to Swim Classifications are for penguins who'd been trained by the Arctic Ice Patrol of the Penguin Organization & classify the possibility of their safety in field missions.


There are several different types of classifications:

  • Destiny to Swim: Impossible: (also called DSI) is a penguin who cannot swim, due to an allergic reaction to salt, whale oil or isn't capable of the swim techniques or is confined to a disability, which they retain a 0% chance of acing the test or even being able to attempt the test.
  • Destiny to Swim: Unlikely: (also called DSU) are penguins who can swim & have a 25% chance of passing the test, but retain a bad posture or score & cannot perform the correct swim techniques or perform them correctly
  • Destiny to Swim: Possible: (also called DSP) are penguins who are still in training, but are estimated 50% odds they can pass their test
  • Destiny to Swim: Likely: (also called DSL) are penguins with 75% chance of being a scout
  • Sea Cow: The lowest classification rank after training school, which Sea Cows are penguins who are slow, but agile to tasks, though they don't swim properly
  • Sea Lion: A more experienced swimmer, can swim as fast as one
  • Leopard Seal: Swims as fast or faster than a leopard seal & can take heavy beatings & is great with hunting techniques.
  • Killer Whale: Swims as fast or faster & is very strong
  • Shark
    • Tiger Shark: A penguin that can be as speedy as a tiger shark & as vicious
    • Nurse Shark: A penguin that handles taking on tough sharks
    • Hammerhead Shark: A penguin that swims fast & strong
    • Great White Shark: A penguin that succeeds all other shark classifications
  • Penguin: There are 3 classifications:
    • Weak Penguin: Trainee for strength & agility
    • Strong Penguin: One of the best penguins
    • Superior Penguin: The greatest swimmers of all


The behaviors of DSI's are sorrowful & miserable due to their shame of being unable to swim. However, some have sudden urges of craving to jump into water & swim. The Arctic Ice HQ Base had a salty whirlpool chamber, in which DSI's that couldn't swim were splashed by a spinning turbine in a pool that went flying in all directions. For DSI's with salt allergys, there was a fresh whirlpool chamber, which splashed fresh water instead of salt water. DSU's to DSP's feel discouraged, but determined to succeed. DSL's feel successful & encouraged by Sea Cows & higher ranks to succeed.


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