Disturbing the Peace Treaty Council
Founded: 1970's
Dissolved: 1970's
Location(s): Zoovenir Shop
Appearances: Operation: Break-Speare

Disturbing the Peace Treaty Council was a council built by the Chimps, Penguins & Lemurs when Skipper had LPICI, It was to discuss the disturbances in the Peace Treaty, It dissolved later that night


First MeetingEdit

The first meeting happened sometime after 10:00 p.m. some night in the 1970's (possibly a Thursday), When Rico suggested getting rid of the Lemurs, Kowalski suggested diplomacy. The Lemurs & Chimps met them at the Zoovenir Gift Shop, Skipper demanded a 10:00 curfew, but Julien denied, it is unknown what happened next after Private was kicked out for quoting Shakespeare in the middle of the argument (he quoted it in front of everyone, grabbing unwanted attention)

Second MeetingEdit

The Penguin reviewed the treaty & decide to sign, But Julien stops Skipper & demands to redo the whole treaty so the Lemurs have what they want, This was argued, Skipper decided to sign until Private quoted Shakespeare once again, Unintentionally, Private's quoting insulted Julien causing Julien to rip up the treaty.

The TreatyEdit

The treaty had claimed disturbing, unwanted, horrible & inexcusable, though it is unknown what sentences followed.


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