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Down Under Westland
Episode Information
Air Date: August 31, 2011
Usually Aired With: Torture Attack
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: Torture Attack
Next Episode: Wolfenstein War

Down Under Westland is an episode of Season 5


The Penguins prepare for their new training exercise lead by Jake & John as they will be doing John's monthly archaeological expedition in the cave tombs deep under Westland. They split up into groups of two: Jake & Jack, John & James. As Jake & Jack proceed through the other routes of the tombs, John & James unfortunately face the undead zombies who were buryed deep in the tombs in crypts next to them, Because Jack wasn't there with backup supply's, John & James couldn't fight the zombies with easy death weapons, John & James run away from the zombies through the tombs. Jake & Jack meanwhile, reach the crypts, where several zombies attack them. They escape & meet up with James & John & escape the tombs. Because of the rise of the dead, The zombies manage to find the exit to the tombs & follow the Penguins through Westland to the Zoo, The Penguins save Westland by defeating all the zombies & rip them apart to prevent the crisis from happening again



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