Dr. Blowhole's Action Plan
Part of No era available
Dates: Unknown
  • Jake goes MIA
    with amnesia,
    But recovers
  • Blowhole is
    mind-jacked &
    sent to Coney Island,
    under alias Flippy the Dolphin
  • Julien's MP3 Player dies after
    power cell removal (well,
    technically, it shrinks to it's
    normal self)
  • Part One
    • Phase One: Locate Jake
    • Phase Two: Mind-jack him
    • Phase Three: Review his
      secrets for data on the HQ
  • Part Two
    • Phase One: Use attack pod &
      infiltrate the HQ
    • Phase Two: Blast the
      Penguins with the Diaboligizer
    • Phase Three: ? (Unknown in the
      original plan
Cause: Unknown
Success/Failure: Semi-failure (Jake recovered,
Julien interfered with Part Two,
Phase Two, causing no one to
know what the rest of the
original plan was)
Appearances: The Revenge of Dr. Blowhole

The action plan of Dr. Blowhole was a plot to attack the Penguins, The action plan files were mentioned by Blowhole when a lobster claimed he didn't know of the attack pod & Blowhole asks him if he even read the action plan


Part OneEdit

Phase OneEdit

The plan of Blowhole started at Phase One of Part One, Blowhole invented his mind-jacker & helped Hans out of Hoboken, He got Hans to stand in a crate & Jake would believe it was top-secret weapons in Netherland, so Blowhole would have his chance to mind-jack Jake while his men were still back away at the zoo

Phase TwoEdit

Now, You will forget everything, most importantly, how to swim!

-Blowhole gloating on the success of mind-jacking Jake

Phase Two went to operation when Jake finally arrived in Netherland, he tangled with Hans, Hans then revealed how he got out of Hoboken, but he didn't give away Blowhole's name, Blowhole's submarine broke the dock, separating the two, Blowhole mind-jacked Jake as Jake didn't think of an attack on Blowhole in time, Because of his memory extraction, Jake fainted & fell backwards into the Pacific Ocean

Phase ThreeEdit

Phase Three began after Phase Two as Blowhole re-entered the sub & left to go to Manhattan, Blowhole reviewed Jake's memorys to get info on how to attack, During his work, A lobster multi-agent in his division of the plan, Red One, reported the Enemy Survival Alarm was going off & he located Jake on a tiny island in the Northern Pacific, Blowhole ordered the Enemy Heat Seeking Missiles to launch, The missile landed, but it hit a rock, at the exact same moment Jake ducked, screaming, making Blowhole believe Jake was killed. Blowhole then continues, As the lobsters are finishing the research of Jake's memory, Red One reports to Blowhole that Blowhole must go to Attack Planning, But Blowhole goes to Weapons Test with Red One, explaining before he plans the attack, he needs a weapon & test the Diaboligizer on a little bunny from the Children's Petting Zoo (the neighbor zoo in Central Park, Directly outside the original zoo), Blowhole's work finishes as they reach Manhattan, Blowhole commences Part Two

Part TwoEdit

Phase OneEdit

Part Two, Phase One! Did you even read the action plan?

-Blowhole angrily interrogates Red One

Coming soon


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