Dr. Blowhole's Revenge
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Air Date: September 23, 2011
Usually Aired With: None
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Dr. Blowhole's Revenge is an episode of Season 5


Part One: Blimp Attack PlanEdit

The Penguins discover Blowhole has built his own zeppelin, the blimp was to depart a high up airfield in Downtown City, The Penguins attempt to crash the dock & stop the blimp from departing, Jake & Jack secretly sneak aboard the blimp once they sabotaged the lower decks, James & John split up, John gets to the chained up blimp, James attacks the guards on the higher docks, sneaks through the cargo hold storage & breaks into the security office, He leaves the other end of the storage, he sneaks aboard the blimp, As they are ready to bomb it, the blimp alarms signal it's getting a last minute loading, the Penguins jump into a crate & are transported into the cargo room, the plan failed, but they were aboard the blimp

Part Two: Blimp Strike Team 1Edit

John's scanner picks up high gaseous levels & alot of metal from the top sections of the blimp, John discovers Blowhole's plot is that he's made a gas called Hate Gas, In which, Blowhole's machines are functioning the gas & are releasing it into the air & sky, The gas would cause the spread of hatred & terrorism throughout Central Park & then, the world. John calculates it's too late to stop Blowhole's plot from acting as the machines had already began running, Jack is ordered to investigate the blimp, According to John, there were 100 coins spread throughout the blimp which were used to control the Hate Gas machine controls along with a magnetic pull

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