Thaddeus Blowhole
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Dolphin
Raised in Unknown
(lives in)
Coney Island (possibly)
Age 50's
Talent(s) Dark Arts
Where can we find him/her
The Revenge of Dr. Blowhole

Dr. Blowhole or Dr. Thaddeus Blowhole is the cousin of Dr. Blowhole or Flippy Blowhole


Early YearsEdit

He was born sometime before the 2030's, which was the Missing Age of the Penguins/Dark Age of Terrorism. He must've encountered Jake sometime in Denmark during or after the 2030's. He attempted revenge on the Penguins, learning his cousin was killed because of their fathers


In 2045, Blowhole invented an action plan to defuse the Penguins of their abilitys for good, he Mind-Jacked Jake in Netherland with Hans & he used the data in the memorys to obtain many of the secrets of the Penguins & their past experiences, Blowhole invaded, but failed to hit them with the Diaboligizer's ray, He ended up getting Mind-Jacked by Jake & was sent to Coney Island


In 2046, John had repaired the Chronotron from the 1980's & decided to reuse it, Blowhole has finally recovered & John attempts to stop Blowhole from ever existing


Because of the Penguins' actions in 2032, Blowhole was now more dangerous & the effects created a world of terrorism, where the Penguins were dead. Blowhole-A was the assassin


When the Penguins go to 2022, Their actions create a dangerous zoo of 2046, Flippy the Dolphin a.k.a the Dr. Blowhole from the 1970's is still alive as he never invented Clockwerk & his cousin, Blowhole-B help create the world of terrorism

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