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Hoboken Nightmare
Episode Information
Air Date: August 20, 2011
Usually Aired With: The Thief of the Zoo
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: The Thief of the Zoo
Next Episode: Go Fish 2

Hoboken Nightmare is an episode of Season 5


The Penguins prepare for their fishing vacation in Northern Manhattan, However, A storm destroys the boat & sends them flown back to Hoboken, New Jersey (which is secretly inside Manhattan, which the names of the states aren't yet revealed to imaginary as the humans haven't discovered what the world really is), The Penguins are shipped to Hoboken's zoo which is run by a zookeeper named Francis Smith, The animals are sons/daughters of the animals that resided there when the original organization of the Penguins got shipped by the accident. They meet the puffin Hans, Soon, Jake suspects the zookeeper is a dark mastermind, As they are trapped in the zoo, Jake uses the Secret Hoboken Emergency Hollow 27CX Tooth, By using the tooth, it sounds the alarms back at the HQ. As the Penguins wait for rescue, Jake goes over the names of conspiracys zookeeper Francis could be in, which all fail, As they search, Jake loses his men in order, James was the first to enjoy a massage, Jack couldn't resist the cheese fountain, John believed that since they couldn't find any evidence that Francis was conspiring against the animals, he followed James & Jack. Jake sees the Central Park Zoo Commissioner Brad McSlade (whose the son of Pervis McSlade), Jake is soon thrown down the garbage chute & the animals in the underground prison (including John, Jack & James) help explain what happened, it was revealed Francis couldn't stand anything dirty & believed zoo animals were nothing but filthy, dirty beasts with no hygiene, So, she replicated them through shiny, clean android doubles by using their DNA, scanned by the massage chairs. It's soon revealed that Jake had taken a massage as his android duplicate proves. He gets into a fight, John gets Savio to swallow everyone & Rhonda launches him, where he'll regurgitate them when he is out of the prison. The android doubles come to the aid of the android Jake when the android learns he's outnumbered. McSlade announces that Francis will clean up Central Park Zoo if she agrees, in which, she does. Jake is handed a Sten Mark II a.k.a a Silenced Sten as he trys to stop the conference, Jack hands everyone MP40s, Mausers & other weapons, The android Jake follows Jake & grabs Jake before he gets to the conference. The android beats Jake up & rips the Sten in half, destroying it, As the android prepares to finish Jake off, Julien arrives, who has been in the HQ the whole time while the Penguins were in Hoboken & he plans to yell at Jake, but Jake solves his remote control problem, Julien leaves, This causes the android a chance to attack, Jake & his android destroy the massage chairs, creating an explosion. Just as McSlade is ready to shake Francis' hand (as the handshake was the contract), He catches Jake & his android, Suddenly, all the androids & real animals break open the gates, fighting, Francis assaults them, Jake however, rudely, says "Eat dirt." & he shoves dirt into Francis' mouth & kicks her into a trash can, McSlade fires her & she is arrested for endangering zoo animals.



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