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Skipper Jake
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Private James

Scene I: GarageEdit

Pictures of a ship is shown on a box with the title Commodore Danger. The box is put down, revealing a rather mediocre-looking ship which Jack is still trying to assemble.

John: (disappointed) It looked a lot more exciting on the box.

John throws the box aside, upset.

Jake: It always does, Kowalski. Alright now, summer vacation status report.

James: Cargo loaded Jake! We're set for a full week's fishing in the Massachusetts coast

Jake: Outstanding! I'm dying to tango with their mysterious caped cod. Ha!

Jake lunges the fishing rod. Jack licks the last piece of the ship and sticks it on the bottom.

Jack: Rock n' roll!

Jake: Let's float this bucket. John, how's our cover?

John presses a button the remote, activating a hologram projector disguised as a fish, creating a projection of them doing their usual smile-and-wave routine.

John: Classic smiling and waving with a holographic twist!

Scene II: Penguin HabitatEdit

Mort passes by the penguin habitat and, seeing the penguins smiling and waving, waves back.

Mort: Hi!

About to leave, he notices that the holograms are still smiling and waving.

Mort: Hi, hello! Yes it is still me waving to you! My arm is getting hurty!

The camera slowly pans over to the sky showing the words "The Hoboken Surprise". Which starts the vacation of the penguins. The scene fades to show...

Scene III: SeaEdit

Coming soon

Scene IV: HobokenEdit

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Scene V: Penguin HQEdit

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Scene VI: CrateEdit

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Scene VII: Hoboken ZooEdit

The crate opens, and the guys stop screaming from shock. Hoboken is completely and utterly...clean. It shows a golden gate, and a fountain with golden seals spouting water. It turns to a couple of trees, and you can hear laughter.
Private: What was that?
Rico regurgitates a stick of dynamite with a lit fuse and as he's about to throw it, someone takes it.
Rico: Whoa!
Skipper, Private, and Rico jump away from the crate, while Kowalski goes back in hiding from whoever took the dynamite. As they roll away, it shows that its Lulu.
Private: Lulu?
Kowalski pops his head up from the crate.
Kowalski: Phil's old simian flame?
Lulu blows out the fuse.
Lulu: It's alright everyone, you can come out now!
It flashes over to show Hans, Skipper's enemy, comes out from behind a fancy plant pot.
Kowalski: Hans?
Savio, whom they met twice, comes slithering down around a tree and faces them.
Kowalski: Savio?
Clemson, who almost replaced Maurice as Julien's right hand man, comes down from the sky, with Rhonda, Marlene's disgusting roommate, coming down shortly after.
Kowalski: Clemson and Rhonda too?
Skipper: What in the name of returning guest characters? It's villain-mageddon!
Hans: Not even close, my former foe.
Savio: It's time for a taste... of Hoboken hospitality!
Savio slithers to the penguins, and music starts to play. They start to sing to the penguins - The Happy Little Land of Hoboken.
Hans: It's a happy little land of Hoboken,
Hans and Lulu: Where a unkind word is never spoken! You can bet your left flipper that we'll get you feeling chipper--
All Hoboken animals: Today!
Clemson: For the price of a lousy subway token, you can catch the next train to Hoboken! Let our wares lose the cares!
Lulu: From our droopy derrieres--
Clemson, Lulu and Savio: Okay!
The scene shifts over to a dark room with a piano as a spotlight flashes over Hans.

Hans: We were once quite rotten.

Savio: Tragic yet true.

Hans: Naughty ninnies one and all were we.

Lulu: (playing the piano) Not me.

Hans: Yes, fine, I was speaking generally.

Rhonda comes down from a slide similar to Marlene's back at the Central Park Zoo.

Rhonda: But here our past is forgotten!

Clemson: So, we're good? I'm good! (hugs the penguins)

All Hoboken Animals: (Clemson, Lulu, and Hans are swinging on tire swings with Savio behind them) It's the endless summer, anti-bummer, love of zoo luxury!

Hans, Clemson and Savio: In the perky peppy land of Hoboken where anger never gets provoken!

Rhonda: No more holding bitter grudges!

Hans: Every Tuesday we make fudges!

Hans hands a plate of fudge to Private, who is ecstatic.

Private: (joining in the singing) No way! (sees Skipper staring at him) What?

Clemson: (floating on floaty chair in the pool) It's paradise!

Savio: (opens a tray revealing a mouse) They serve the freshest mice!

Lulu: (shows Rhonda and Hans changing from bad to good) It turns the bad to nice!

All Hoboken Animals: In the happy little land of Ho--

The animals stop singing as Skipper abruptly jumps into the scene, kicks Rhonda, punches Hans repeatedly in the face and flipping Savio onto Lulu. The other penguins panic and stop him.

Private: Skipper, no!

The penguins restrain him as Clemson scurries away.

Skipper: Aw, don't tell me you're buying this singsong claptrap! It's Hoboken! (sadly) Where hope goes to choke!

Clemson: Okay, technically, you're right.

Skipper smirks and winks confidently at the others.

Clemson: Don't look so smug, I said you're right!

Rhonda: But Hoboken has changed! We got this new lady in charge; Zookeeper Frances, sister knows her swank! (winks)

Hans jumps on Rhonda's head.

Hans: Frances gives us activities, fine cuisine, even massage chairs!

Hans gestures over to Clemson standing next to three massage chairs.

Clemson: And who does not love a good massage chair?

Hans jumps on one of the chairs. He feels relaxed as he lays down on the massage chairs.

Hans: Oh yes...

Savio: It's such a paradise, who could remain evil?

Rhonda agrees with Savio's statement.

Rhonda: Not me.

Clemson: I second that! Or is it third? I lost track, hey! I'm so happy over here.

Clemson joins Hans and relaxes on a massage chair.

Hans: So happy...

Private: Actually Skipper, the new Hoboken Zoo does look like a smashing vacation spot!

Skipper: Rico, knock the pixie dust out of Private's eyes.

Rico: Okay.

Rico smacks Private at the back of his head. Private rubs his head in pain.

Skipper: I am not vacationing in New Jersey's own fright-portal to Hades!

Lulu: I assure you this zoo is perfectly--

Frances: (in the distance) Are those my new arrivals I hear?

Skipper: Zookeeper incoming! Bug out men!

The penguins belly slide away, except Private, who waddles slowly to them as Skipper fails to climb over a wall.

Private: Honestly, I don't see what's so wrong here.

Skipper: Open your nose, Private! This zoo reeks of dark master plans! Question is, who's the dark mastermind?

They turn around to see the zookeeper, Frances, right behind them.

Frances: (singing) In the shiny tiny land of Hoboken, where nothing's ever dirty or broken!

Frances does a twirl and grabs them, skipping to the other animals and throwing the penguins up in the air.

Frances: Here's a tip, stay awhile! Take a trip to the smile buffet! In the happy little land of Hoboken, U.S.A.!! (spins around with the penguins in her arms) Hooray!

Skipper: Dark mastermind.

Kowalski: Totally!

Frances: Welcome, welcome, spankin' new Hobokeners! I am going to take such good care of you!

She cuddles the penguins as Skipper tries to escape from her grip.

Private: Why does there always have to be an evil mastermind with you? I think somebody just can't let himself unwind and enjoy a proper holiday!

Skipper starts choking on something while the others stare at him as he slowly regurgitates a giant tooth, at which Rico seems impressed.

Skipper: Behold, the Hoboken Emergency Hollow Tooth!

Kowalski: But... we don't... have teeth.

Skipper: You think I don't know that?! (presses a button) Hoboken emergency activate!

Scene VIII: Penguin HabitatEdit

Coming soon

Scene IX: Hoboken ZooEdit

Coming soon

Scene X: Puffin HabitatEdit

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Scene XI: Puffin HabitatEdit

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Scene XII: Hoboken ZooEdit

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Scene XIII: Francis' OfficeEdit

Coming soon

Scene XIV: Toy StoreEdit

Coming soon

Scene XV: Puffin HabitatEdit

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Scene XVI: Hoboken ZooEdit

Coming soon

Scene XVII: Secret RoomEdit

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Scene XVIII: Hoboken ZooEdit

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Scene XIX: Underground PrisonEdit

Coming soon

Scene XX: Hoboken ZooEdit

Coming soon

Scene XXI: Underground PrisonEdit

Coming soon

Scene XXII: Hoboken ZooEdit

Coming soon

Scene XXIII: Underground PrisonEdit

Coming soon

Scene XXIV: Hoboken ZooEdit

Coming soon

Scene XXV: HobokenEdit

Coming soon

Scene XXVI: Central Park Zoo (Imagination)Edit

Coming soon

Scene XXVII: Hoboken ZooEdit

Coming soon

Scene XXVIII: HobokenEdit

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Scene XXIX: Hoboken ZooEdit

Coming soon

Scene XXX: Hoboken ZooEdit

Coming soon

Scene XXXI: HobokenEdit

Coming soon

Scene XXXII: HobokenEdit

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