Imperius Lipstick


  • Kowalski


  • To find Red Squirrel


2015 (New York War)

Used by:

  • Skipper
  • Kowalski (experiment)

Used for:

Known victims of the Kiss

  • King Julien XIII
  • Maurice
  • Mort
  • Marlene
  • Private (experiment)

Imperius Lipstick was invented by Kowalski in 2015 to find Red Squirrel in the New York War. The lipstick was used for what was known as the Imperius or Skipper's bewitched Kiss.


The lipstick is used for the Imperius Kiss. It gives the wearer the ability to get control over the weak minded. The strong minded was bit more complicated. A smooch was how to get the lipstick's effects to affect the victim who has been Kissed. Anyone who is weak minded, like Mort, The Kiss works on the cheeks.


Experiment TestEdit

Kowalski showed Skipper, Rico, and Private the lipstick, saying it gives total control on the weak or strong minded. Kowalski put on the lipstick, and first gave Private a Kiss on the cheek. Unfortunately, Private's mind was too strong. Kowalski had to Kiss Private on the lips to get Private to get Imperiused.


Skipper used the Kiss on Mort, Maurice, Julien, and Marlene. It soon became known as Skipper's bewitched Kiss when Skipper gave the Kisses to the four.


New York War (first appearance)

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