This article is based on Skipper & Rico's father, and Jake & Jack's grandfather. You may be looking for Skipper's son, Jake II

Character Information
NickName Darth Vader
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Robotic Penguin
Family Louise (wife)
Jack (brother)
Sam (sister-in-law)
James (brother)
Mary (sister-in-law)
Skipper (son)
Rico (son)
Kowalski (nephew)
Private (nephew)
Jake (grandson)
Jack (grandson)
John (grandnephew)
James (grandnephew)
Raised in Antarctica
(lives in)
Netherland, Neverland
Age 55?
Talent(s) Titan
Where can we find him/her
Episode IV: A New Hero
Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Episode VI: Return of The Titan
Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Jake I is the father of Skipper & Rico, the husband of Louise, brother of Jack & James, brother-in-law to Sam & Mary, uncle of Kowalski & Private, grandfather of Jake & Jack, and granduncle of John & James. He became Darth Vader in 1945 when he worked in the Dutch Empire, and Dutch Army for the rest of his life. He only appears 6 times.


Early YearsEdit

Jake grew up in Antarctica as a poor slave who was sold to California, Penguin Land, He was freed in a gambling bet where his nephew, Kowalski, freed him, Sadly, the owner of Jake & his parents refused to allow Kowalski to free the family, Jake left to Neverland to learn to become a Titan.

As a TitanEdit

Jake trained to be a Titan & he fought in the Clone Wars for 10 years against the Dutch Empire's army, The Titan Order lost four Titans who became Dutch Titans, who are the present-day Titans, Eventually, A Sith Lord named Palpatine lured Jake into becoming a Sith Lord named Darth Vader.

As Darth VaderEdit

Vader soon enforced the laws of the expanding Dutch Empire, He searched years & years for Kowalski, but never found him.

Death ShipEdit

Vader felt the presence of Kowalski when a large rebel freighter ship was pulled into a docking bay at the Death Ship, Vader encountered Kowalski & struck him down, Unknowingly or unintentionally allowing Kowalski to have the power to disappear & appear into solid or invisible/visible ghost form.



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