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This article is based on a character, you may be looking for his grandfather, James I

Character Information
NickName Preydog Blue
Gender Male
Species Penguin
 ? (possibly Central Park Zoo)
Raised in Central Park Zoo
(lives in)
Central Park Zoo
Age 10
Talent(s) Penguins
Where can we find him/her
Future of the Penguins

James II (B. 2030-D. 20??) is the son of Private, he's named after his grandfather, He was a Penguin who was born right after his first uncle's death.


Early YearsEdit

James was born in 2027, He made a couple mistakes in his youth before as exampled in a flashback that he had nearly triggered a nuclear war between the Beavers & the Penguins, He is very accident prone as he has also caused some lab accidents with John trying to help poor animals that can't get food, (Ex.: He had spilled an explosive version of Magnesium Chloride into chemicals resulting in a huge explosion which splattered chemicals all over the lab with ashes)

Education in Antarctic Penguin Middle SchoolEdit

James recieved a scholarship to Antarctic Penguin Middle School with his cousins. He met the Death Eater organization & had many ties with them & their leader, Tom Marvolo Riddle, who proposed him as an essential target that needs an eye kept on him.

First Antarctic Wizarding WarEdit

In his second year, Riddle's Death Eaters revolutionized the Ministry & casted him & his cousins outlaws, he visited the school undercover to comfort the miserable students when the Death Eaters weren't in the rooms. Riddle's words had proved right twice after defeating the Death Eaters in the Chamber of Secrets.

Second Antarctic Wizarding WarEdit

James was targeted when Voldemort & the Death Eaters escaped Hoth, They invaded the Penguins' locker HQ & uncovered a prehistoric artifact, The Mask of Dark Earth, Riddle pinned the mask to his face & drained his life force into it, James helped the Penguins defeat Voldemort & tryed to help the dying Riddle after destroying the mask, He graduated school afterwards & headed home with his cousins

Rockgut WarEdit

James & his cousins declared they were neutral in the war upon learning the war between Red Squirrel & Buck Rockgut III, Squirrel ordered dementors to attack him & his cousins, Luckily, While learning of these foul creatures in Antarctica, John had prepared him with a Dementor Repulsion Gun along with his cousins, Unfortunately, Upon seeing the dementor, He was almost immediately Kissed & his soul almost got ingested & would've if he wasn't saved by John.

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