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  • James is Private's son, because James has only one parent who raised him, he takes on his father's appearance & personality
  • James is shown to have a dark side of himself, masked up by his personality, this hasn't been revealed in any episodes yet
  • James seems to be a great singer as shown when he sung "Number One" in Karaoke Madness,
  • His singing tone shifts between baritone & tenor & he is very talented at banjo & guitar (still unshown, except for the singing)
  • James isn't good at chemistry as seen in War Games when he accidentally blew up the lab & broke a couple beakers.
  • James' grades at Antarctic Penguin Middle School are:
  1. Math: B+
  2. Science: B-
  3. Art: A-
  4. Language Arts: A
  5. Reading: A+
  6. Advanced Math Physics: B-
  7. Honors Language Arts: A+
  8. Basic Computer Skills: B-
  • James has gotten Honor Roll 3 years in a row, despite the fact John "helps" him with his homework, he's also one of the only 2 penguins who've learned even more at school

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