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Karaoke Madness
Episode Information
Air Date: August 7, 2011
Usually Aired With: Moon Wars
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: Go Fish 2
Next Episode: Moon Wars
Karaoke Madness is an episode of Season 5


Violet & Melanie Titan strike back at the Penguins, in which 5 years passed since the skirmish on Death Rock, The twins have now kidnapped Julien XIV & threaten to kill him unless the Penguins come back to Forbidden Rock to save him, The Penguins attempt to save Julien, while knowing it was all a trap, They are caught & tied up, They make a bet: The Penguins had to beat the twins at a karaoke duel in the Broadway Theater in the Park, all the animals would choose who was better, If the Penguins won, The twins would release Julien, If they lost, The twins would kiss them as much as the twins liked, When Jake refuses, The twins threaten & kiss-torture Julien, After a long time, The twins begin kissing the Penguins to torture them, Jake finally accepts the duel. The twins sing the song "Give it up", They get 97.6 points, James sings the song "Paranoid", He got 123.8 points, The Park demanded an encore from James, The Penguins free Julien after the twins abandon the theater, seeing James' score, The Penguins invite the Zoo to watch James sing the song "Number One". After the song, Nermal The Sneak is punished for stealing the plans by the Torture Twins



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