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Operation Code NamesEdit

Rico/Jack RegurgitatesEdit

  • Dynamite Nunchuks: Signature weapon of him & his father, for combat against the Torture Twins

Options (given by Kowalski/John)Edit

  • Karaoke Options: Decide which songs are best to sing & who'll sing

Kowalski/John's InventionsEdit

King Julien Saves the DayEdit

  • Scared away the Torture Twins: Got revenge on the twins during the encore song by sneaking through some mysterious forest in Brooklyn, scaring the twins by acting like a predator, but not exposing himself

Movie References/ParodysEdit

  • Victorious: "Give it Up" & "Number One" were from the Victorious episode "Freak the Freak Out"
  • ICarly: The song "Number One" was also sung by the ICarly character Ginger Fox from the episode "IFix a Popstar"
  • Guitar Hero III: Legend of Rock/Rockband: From both games was the song "Paranoid".



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