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Scene I: Penguin Habitat (Exterior)Edit

The Penguins are playing Poker

Jake: I win again, You really need to learn a strategy on gambling, James, That's 6th time you've gone bankrupt

Jake adds the chips to his pile & shuffles, Just then, King Julien XIV is heard yelling & screaming

Julien: (offscreen) Hey, what are you doing... AAH! It burns! Let me go! I am royal... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

Julien screams even louder, Jake sniffs the air as a pink odor breezes by

Jake: Those Titans are in for it now, move out

They jump into the Lemur Habitat

Scene II: Lemur HabitatEdit

Mort & Maurice are both tied up with their mouths taped shut, Apparently knocked out by the perfume

John: They unconscious

Jack: Um, guys

He holds up a letter sprayed in perfume, Jake unrolls it & reads aloud

Jake: If you wish to see your friend again, Meet us at Death Rock before 2100 hours

Scene III: Forbidden Rock (Exterior)Edit

The screen views the raining sky around Death Rock

Scene IV: Forbidden Rock (Interior)Edit

The Penguins hide, They find Julien bolted down to a metal plate, He has tape on his mouth, As the Penguins attempt to get to him, The twins jump from their hiding spots

Violet Titan: Where do you think you're going

Jake: Just to free our mammal friend, why, but explain, why did you kidnap him?

Melanie Titan: We kidnapped him because we knew you would have to save him & that he has been hoarding our plans for too long.

Jake: Plans, what plans

Violet holds out a file loaded with papers

Violet: These plans, Your young ringtailed friend was hiding them, We lost these about a year ago to some thief that took them & ran off.

Jake: I happen to have known that, As I'm not only a Penguin, I'm Secret Agent Red of Britain & Secret Agent Blue for Denmark

James: Secret agent?

Jake slaps all 3 of them

Jake: Classifyed & forget you heard it

Melanie: Well, we're making a deal with you, We'll let you have your friend if you beat us in a karaoke contest

Jake: What! No! We're going to fight hand-to-hand

Jack takes out dynamite nunchuks, The twins walk to a drawer

Violet: We'd do that, Jake, but last time, we accidentally destroyed this mountain

Melanie: We could've handed him over, but instead, I guess we're just going to have to find other methods

She pulls out a lipstick, Violet ties them up in rope in 10 seconds

Melanie: Well, I guess we'll have to torture your friend before you agree

They both put the lipstick on & walk over to Julien

Julien: No, please, As king I order you

Melanie kisses his cheek

Julien: Ahh! It burns!

Violet: Agree yet

The Penguins shake their heads, The twins begin to continue kissing Julien, Julien begins yelling & screaming

Julien: (offscreen) No! Stop! It burns!

Melanie kisses him

Julien: Ah! It still burns

Violet kisses him

Julien: I can't take it anymore

Violet: Well, Since your friends won't make it easy, you'll be tortured until they agree

Violet & Melanie both kiss Julien at the same time on both cheeks

Julien: (while Violet & Melanie continue to kiss him) Stop! It hurts!

They stop

Violet: Now, we're going to make it more painful

Melanie grabs Julien's face & kisses him on the lips

Julien: Ahhh! It hurts! It burns!

Violet kisses him


Violet: Do you agree now

The Penguins shake their heads

Melanie: Alright, Now, it's your turns

The twins swoop over to the Penguins & replicate to two Violets & Melanies

Jake: Don't you...

The twins begin kissing them for a minute

To be continued...

Coming Soon

Scene V: Central ParkEdit

The Penguins & twins are in the Park, The whole park comes to the show

Squirrel DJ: Okay, we have a karaoke contest between the Penguins & the Torture Twins, Okay, first up on the list, The Torture Twins

Violet & Melanie walk up to the microphones

Squirrel DJ: Okay, girls, what's your song

Violet: We're going to sing "Give it Up"

Squirrel DJ: Alright

The music plays, The twins begin singing

Twins: Someday, I'll let you in

Treat you right

Drive you out of your mind- oh!

You never met a chick like me

Burn so bright

I'm gonna make you blind

Always want what you can't have

Is it so bad if you don't get what you wanted?

Make you feel good as I whip you into shape, ya boy

Let's get it started!

Give it up, you can't win

'Cause I know where you' been

Such a shame you don't put up a fight

That's a game that we play at the end of the night

It's the same old story but you never get it right

Give it up

Come a little closer, come a little closer baby baby

So stop trying to walk away

No, you won't ever leave me behind

No, you better believe that I'm here to stay (That's right)

'Cause you're the shade and I'm the sunshine! Ooooohh

Look at me, boy, 'cause I got you where I want you

Isn't it so exciting?

Wanna shake you, wanna break you

Take the back seat, boy, 'cause now I'm driving

Give it up, you can't win

'Cause I know where you been

Such a shame you don't put up a fight

That's a game that we play at the end of the night

It's the same old story but you never get it right

Give it up

Oh, oh, oh!

Oh, oh, oh...

Heyeyeyeyeah oooooooooooooh!

Come a little closer

Come a little closer; baby, baby

Come a little closer

Come a little closer; baby, baby

Come a little closer

Come a little closer, baby

If you are my baby, then I'll make you crazy tonight

Look at me, boy 'cause I got you where I want you

Isn't it so exciting?

Wanna shake you, wanna break you

Take the back seat, boy 'cause now I'm driving

Give it up, you can't win

'Cause I know where you been

Such a shame you don't put up a fight

That's a game that we play at the end of the night

It's the same old story but you never get it right

Give it u-up, oh-whoaaaa!


The song ends

Squirrel DJ: Judges?

The judges score 23.2, 37.7, 36.7 equalizing 97.6 points

Squirrel DJ: Alright, Now, Here's the Penguins

John: Whose going

Jake: I'm not, I can't sing

Jack: Neither can I

John: My father was good... at the banjo & other instruments & singing, but I only inherit half of that trait, I can only play an instrument

James: Well, 5 years ago, I taught animals music class, so I guess I'll go

Jake: Give it a shot, James, Sing as good as you can to get a better score, We're all counting on you, I hope you can feel the pressure

James gulps

James: Well, Now I do

James walks to the microphone

Squirrel DJ: What song

James: Um, Paranoid

Squirrel DJ: A little bit of rock tonight

The song Paranoid starts

James: Finished with my woman 'cause she couldn't help me with my mind

People think I'm insane because I am frowning all the time

All day long I think of things but nothing seems to satisfy

Think I'll lose my mind if I don't find something to pacify

Can you help me occupy my brain?

Oh yeah

I need someone to show me the things in life that I can't find

I can't see the things that make true happiness, I must be blind

Make a joke and I will sigh and you will laugh and I will cry

Happiness I cannot feel and love to me is so unreal

And so as you hear these words telling you now of my state

I tell you to enjoy life I wish I could but it's too late

The song ends

Squirrel DJ: Judges?

The judges hold up a 57.8, 42.8 & 23.2 equalizing 123.8 points

Squirrel DJ: The Penguins win

The twins make a run for it & run away

Crowd: (chanting) Encore! Encore!

Scene VI: The ZooEdit

Coming soon

Scene VII: Central ParkEdit

The music for the song "Number One" is playing, James makes gestures while he's singing

James: Hello? Is everybody watching?

Before I get the party started

You Know You know you wanna be invited

So step right up, and get a taste of what you're biting...

Part of the song is cut off as the screen changes to events happening faraway from the Park

Scene VIII: Unknown Forest of New YorkEdit

The twins are running through a mysterious forest that is raining, Forbidden Rock can be faintly seen over the trees in the distance while the storm rages

Mysteriously disembodyed voice: (laughing) Heyahaha

Violet: What was that?

A dark shadow moves through a hole, Melanie notices

Melanie: What was that?

Mysteriously disembodyed voice: (continues laughing) Bwahahaha

The twins turn on flashlights & rotate to check their surroundings, They see a pair of yellow eyes staring at them, laughing continues, A dark shadow of a beast grows larger, The twins scream

Twins: Ahhhh!

They run away to Forbidden Rock, King Julien XIV jumps from his hiding spot & chuckles at his prank while the twins continue screaming & disappear from vision, Camera returns to the Central Park

Scene IX: Central ParkEdit

Song "Number One" continues, James continues gesturing

James: Feel the groove when we move I'm the center.

We'll get it right Every night Like we're meant to.

When it all goes down, I need to tell ya

You're gonna love me You're gonna tell me that you're ready to go.

I'm already there look up in the air 'Cause I'm the star of the show,

I'm Numba one, Baby Always numba one baby

So forget what ya heard, this is my world

The song ends

Scene X: Forbidden Rock (Interior)Edit

Violet: Alright, Plan A didn't work, Before we go to our plan files as Plan C, It's time for Plan B

Violet looks at Melanie who looks at group of frightened tabby kittens

Melanie: How about we start with this handsome little fella

Melanie holds up a gray tabby cat

Violet: Nermal The Sneak!? He's a likely suspect

Nermal is thrown into the chair

Melanie: Okay, Nermal, Tell us, Did you or did you not steal our mission files

Nermal: How would I know, I'm just a cute little innocent kitten

Violet: No, you're cute & little, but you're not innocent, we know what you are, Now, Does this look familiar to you.

Nermal: Yeah

Melanie: We've found the culprit! (turns to the frightened kittens) You can all leave

Melanie locks Nermal to the chair as the kittens run out the exit

Violet: Now, You're getting your punishment

Nermal: What? You're going to send me to that hole, Wait, are you going to torture me like that thing you do

Melanie: No & Yes, (to Violet) KISS!

Nermal: (As the twins advance closer to him with their lipstick on) No!

Twins: (As they get closer with their lips puckered up) KISS!

Violet kisses Nermal, who screams

Melanie: Come on, Nermal, How about you kiss us & maybe you'll have a fun night! (To Violet) KISS!

Nermal screams, The screen goes to the outside view, Nermal screams as the twins begin kissing him, The sounds of their kisses can be heard in the distance, Some of Nermal's screams stop for a minute as it is possible he was kissed on the mouth, The twins cackle



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