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Episode BasedEdit

  • This is the second appearance of Death Rock & the Torture Twins
  • It is revealed James has a real talent to sing
  • It is revealed that Jake had been Secret Agent Red for the spy division of Britain & was also Special Agent Blue for Denmark
  • It is also revealed that Julien had top secret files that were stolen from Death Rock, One of the reasons the Torture Twins kidnapped him
  • This episode explains the fact the Torture Twins don't have many torture devices are because they're torture devices because their kiss burns the victim

Foul Ups, Bloops, BlundersEdit

  • In the last episode about the Torture Twins, Death Rock was destroyed, but in this episode, it's completely the same, just like it was before the destruction of the mountain, it might be possible that Violet & Melanie might've rebuilt it in between the 5 years.

DVD ReleaseEdit


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