King Julien XIII's Will is a will of King Julien, it's only appearance is in a cut scene from Out of the Groove, where Julien's failure to obtain his groove leads him to a brain failure causing his supposed to be death to occur at midnight, it is mentioned in later episodes when the Penguins make business with the Lemur Empire.

The WillEdit

I, King Julien XIII, born from King Julien XII & grandson of King Julien XI or Jean Bison & heir to the Lemur throne, being of sound mind & body, do hereby declare this to be my last will & testament

  • First* I, King Julien XIII, do hereby declare that I lived in peace & prosperity in my time as king, I was loved by my fellow civilians of the Zoo Republic (Do not object my people, Especially you, Skipper! & sit down all of you!) to view the body of your beloved king for the last time, at dusk tonight, it's ashes will be scattered to the four winds
  • Second* I, King Julien XIII, hereby swear I did not die of natural causes, my life was taken from me... by Darla the Baboon (Sit down Darla!) because you know your guilt of allowing me to die by stealing the thing I most loved, My groove, will you now, Darla, please rise & give back my groove to my deathbed, so I shall rest eternally, knowing my groove will not be gone with a murderer, Now, that you've handed over the groove, Maurice, Call Archduke to arrest this murderer & sentence her to a prison term.
  • Third* I'm helpless for knowing the great minds of my people, So now, it is time for the prizes.
  • Fourth* To my empire, I give my throne to Maurice
  • Fifth*'' To the Penguins, I give them the authority of taking a role on doing study for my Empire's empty Department of Regulation & Control of Unknown Animals & Department of Zoo Transfers (also known as the Zoo Transfer Office)
  • Sixth*

Please fill in


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