This is an article of the new Central Park Zoo version of the Lemur Empire, You may be looking for the old Madagascan version of the Empire, The Old Lemur Empire

The Lemur Empire is the empire formed by King Julien XIII when he moved to Central Park Zoo. The Empire has clashed with the Penguins while battling for rule of the zoo.


Executive BranchEdit

The Executive Branch runs through the justice of the zoo. In the rise of the Empire, Julien balanced the force of justice and clashed with the Penguins. The justice system is written on the Lemur Constitution.

Legislative/Judicial BranchEdit

The Legislature of the Empire is the King, and the Superintendent. The Department of Central Park Zoo Law Enforcement enforces the laws

Lemur ArmyEdit

The Judicial Branch is also a part of the Lemur military that enforces every law, Archduke, an old bluebird.

Imperial Departments of the EmpireEdit

If there is a red 4 next to the department, that department did not exist until King Julien XIV was king



The Lemur Empire was built by it's Madagascan counterpart

King Julien XIII's reignEdit

From 1970 to 2025, King Julien XIII reigned the throne, He had his son, King Julien XIV, who would be heir of the throne, The date that King Julien died is unknown, but Julien died at some point after the Second Sky War.

King Julien XIV's reignEdit

King Julien XIV redid the Empire & expanded it's power, King Julien ordered the Homing Act of 2029, All habitats were official property of their owners & the Empire, the owners must pay the tax of $125 to the Empire to live in their habitats or the Zoo Transfer Office will hack the zoo computer & ship them away, King Julien stated that the owner of the deed must die for possession of an inhabited habitat, (Ex.: When Skipper died in 2030, The Empire took the deed, Another Ex.: Marlene died in 2045, When she died, her habitat's deed was taken by the Empire)


  • Madagascar (First appear as the Madagascar Empire)
  • Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (Appears as the Madagascan Empire)
  • Madagascar 3 (Possible appearance) (Possible appearance of the Madagascan Empire)
  • Penguins of Madagascar Seasons 1-5 (Indirect Identification)


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