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This page is based on a disease given by the Torture Twins, You may be looking for their lipstick

See Also: Liquid Love (disambiguation)

Liquid Love
Character Information
Species Virus
Liquid Love
(lives in)
Any victim Kissed too long by
mouth-to-mouth attacks by the Torture Twins
Talent(s) Addiction to the Torture Twins' kisses
Where can we find him/her
Torture Attack

Liquid Love is a disease spread through a long mouth-to-mouth attack (Torture Kiss) given by the Torture Twins


James has come down with Liquid Love, A rare disease given by the Torture Twins, Until it wears off, James will have the most bizarre desire to want to kiss them

-John explains the effects to Jake

The effects of Liquid Love provide 24 hour desire to kiss the Torture Twins which increases the time if Kissed before the time wears off.

Please fill in


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