Madagascan Civil War
Dates: Unknown
Locations: Northern & Southern Madagascar

  • Several Confederate soldiers
  • Several Imperial soldiers
Cause: Confederate Revolution
Result: King Julien XII writes up a treaty that ends
the war, preventing an event that could create
a political/economical depression that could
destroy both empires forever or for a very
long time
Appearance(s): None
The Madagascan Civil War was a civil war of Madagascar between the two empires, The Lemur Empire & Lemur Kingdom


Founding of the Lemur EmpireEdit

According to the 19-20th Century History of Madagascar, The Lemur Empire was founded by the Lemur Clan's illustrious Lord Julien I, The first lord of the Lemur Empire, he crowned his son, Julien II, king of the Empire, he declared the newest era of Madagascan lemur rule which would last for a thousand years which, it was also considered the Union because it ran under the Article of Union Confederation, a document that disoriented itself after a while.

Kings/Lords Julien III to IX & Confederate DistortionEdit

As the 1800's strolled past, Julien II crowned his son king & became lord, which continued, As Julien VII took the throne & Julien VI became lord, 2/3 of the Imperial Republic seceded to the Southern side of Madagascar, where no lemurs ever gone for fear of death by the fossas that live in those areas, Jealous that the Lemurs only went from father to son inheritance of the throne, not letting one other become king or lord, The seceded republic formed the Lemur Kingdom, A government which was named the Confederate Empire of Lemurs or Confederate Empire of Madagascar or Confederacy for short, This came from a new document which also disoriented itself after a while named the Article of Union Freedom Confederation, Lord Julien VI was angered by this & demanded to see the lord of the new empire, Lord Julien VI met Lord Maurice von Ringtail III, an old servant of his, Julien ordered Ringtail to return the empire to his control, Ringtail refused, Julien ordered his Imperial soldiers to arrest the traitor lord & king of the new empire for treason & possible attempts to overthrow him. This failed, As Julien IX became lord, he was outraged at Lord Mort van Mouse VII for allowing fossa to attack them & kill his followers & loyal/royal guards that nearly caused King Julien X to die, who was later kidnapped by a group of Beaver scientists when he became lord was mutated into a bison, which named his Jean Bison


Lemur Empire Pros & ConsEdit


  1. The Lemurs had better resistance & strong Royal Guards
  2. They were well disciplined & trained


  1. Their soldiers had tactical warfare for engaged combat in close range, (ex.: Duels) not for far ranges, like a battlefield, which allows the enemy an advantage
  2. The defense around the Royal Palace Tree was weaker than the defenses of the Confederacy
  3. The soldiers were weaker than the Royal Guards

Lemur Kingdom Pros & ConsEdit


  1. The soldiers were stronger
  2. They were more intelligent & had use of guerrilla warfare
  3. They had stronger defenses


  1. The Confederacy had less disciplined soldiers, so some slacked off on the job when not on a battlefield
  2. The Royal Guards & soldiers were weaker than those in the Empire


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