Madagascar 4: Operation Arctic
Season 0, Episode 5
Air date Estimated to be out in theaters on July 21, 2013
Written by  ?
Directed by  ?
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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
Madagascar 5 (possibly)

Madagascar 4: Operation Arctic is the 4th movie before the Penguins of Madagascar series.


The Penguins are given the expected call to arms as they are ordered by executives to report to the Arctic, (which reveals there is an actual organization called the Penguins & the Penguins are just a small part of a division). They arrive in the melted Arctic summer & are met up by a base & are given info that they were at war with Dr. Blowhole & were ready to battle, but required extra hands. Skipper is de-ranked in the organization to colonel, Kowalski goes to lieutenaut, Rico to first class private & Private to a buck private. Kowalski is then given orders to be a field messenger as a scout to prove experience of becoming a successful soldier & collecting artifacts. Kowalski repetitively, however, keeps having problems out in the deep water & is taught about swimming in the Arctic, especially about the safety. Kowalski then accidentally is frozen by a bad blast of cold water coming in from the North Pole & drifts off down to somewhere deep off in the Northern Atlantic. He is then abducted by lobsters in a submarine that Dr. Blowhole was hiding in after being thawed out by the Gulf Stream currents. Kowalski escapes & returns to the Arctic & is de-ranked again down a class. Skipper excuses Kowalski from the blockade training course as of Kowalski's frequent subzero deep freezes, Kowalski then goes out to collect an asteroid late one night, but then, he is unknowingly knocked off his protector board into the water of the station, the Penguins, who'd abandoned his cause half an hour earlier arrive & find Kowalski under the water, which his final coat of whale oil that protected him from the salt water had faded out & Kowalski was in a state of conscious drowning, Skipper dives in after 5 minutes & attempts to get Kowalski to swim up to the surface, but the other Penguins came in & saved Kowalski from drowning completely after watching the scene for 20 minutes without any luck (which meant Kowalski had 2 minutes left as a penguin can only survive 22 minutes without breathing before they begin to die). Kowalski is soon shown that DSI's (Destiny to Swim: Impossible) were hanging out in the whirlpool chamber to soothe them of their failure sorrows & Skipper explains that Kowalski was being ordered to teach an academy for DSI's & those below the ability to swim as field scouts (which included Private) & that 20% of the whole organization were DSI's & they needed more swimmers. Kowalski later consumes ice cream for a snack & ends up in the hospital wing for chest pains by a condition called Frozen Chest Disorientation. After a few weeks, Kowalski is released & goes back out on the missions, but then, he accidentally spills a crate filled with golden rings into the water of the station, which are carryed out by the gears & currents caused by an outgoing board & Kowalski discovers the rings had just been rounded up & contained a puzzle code vital to knowing of Blowhole's plan. Kowalski is ordered to round up all the rings again & is given 7 days to collect all 50 rings, the Admiral threatened that if the rings weren't back by his deadline, the Penguins would be shipped to the Amazon Jungle, totally confused & have no memorys at all of where they were or why they were there or how they got there. Kowalski retrieves 49 rings & presents them all to the Admiral, but is forced to count them, only to show he'd missed 1. The Penguins patrol the waters & send distress signals to all Penguin subs in the Northern Atlantic & Pacific Oceans & out in the Arctic Oceans to search the sea for the missing ring. Meanwhile, Dr. Blowhole finds the ring & keeps it locked in a vault. Then, Kowalski puts together the puzzle & finds that it was a sequence plan, containing Plans A & B & figured that due to the recent events, the missing ring meant an invasion, which subsequently proved correct. The Penguins fight Blowhole & send his army out to the Amazon.


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