Ministry of Blowhole
(aka: Ministry of Air City)
Made: 1970's
Destroyed (year): 1970's
(Undesirable Number One)
Known Inhabitants:
Location: Air City
Cost:  ?

As your new Minister for Air City, I promise... to restore this temple of tolerance... to it's former glory, Therefore, beginning today, each employee will submit themselves... for evaluation, But know this: you have nothing to fear... If you have nothing to hide.

-Pius Thicknesse to the Air Civilians

The Ministry of Blowhole, (real name: Ministry of Air City) is the government of Blowhole's first city, Air City, which was a blimp city.

History Edit

Founding & RiseEdit

In the 1970's (accurate date unknown), Dr. Blowhole invented the Ministry after building Air City. His main purpose of the city was fly the world and purge it of his enemies. For in his view, he was going to destroy the Beavers, Lemur Empire of Madagascar, Africans, New Yorkers, (including the Lemur Empire of New York) and the Penguins of Penguin Island. He was also going to frighten Neverland, the Antarctic, and the Arctic. He'd destroy any enemy. He used the Ministry to frighten his civilian workers into worshiping him. Pius Thicknesse took charge in laws of Air City and made sure everyone behaved. The main, and only jobs in Air City, were warfare. Undesirables were classified.

Fall & Destruction of Air CityEdit

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Deleted by: TRiddle50
Deletion Date: August 21, 2011
Reasons for Deletion Because it's now redirected to Main Internal

Go to Main Internal or External Skipper sneaked aboard with the rest of the Penguins, and ambushed the Ministry. Thicknesse reported that Undesirable Number One was in the Ministry Courtroom. Blowhole headed there, but the city blew up when he got there.


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