Mission Antarctica
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Air Date: May 12, 2012
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Mission Antarctica is a 1 hour long special


Private is taken to Antarctica, believed to be the royal heir to the throne of the Antarctic Empire.


The Penguins awake & prepare training exercises, but find a mysterious penguin eating their breakfast on topside. The penguin introduces himself as the Prince of Antarctica & is the heir to the throne of the Antarctic Empire. The Penguins accept hospitality for him until he can go back while on his mission for meeting with the Special Agents of the Penguin Organization. However, the Penguins are attacked by Royal Guards & Antarctic Army Squads, believing the Prince is held hostage in the Zoo & rescue the Prince, however, after they leave with who they believe is the Prince, it is revealed that they took Private instead because the Prince is Private's double, except for eyes & voice. The Penguins prepare to launch the submarine to set course to save Private, but the Prince explains that the Empire now has strict policys regarding entry into the Antarctic Circle, Penguin agents are only allowed in if necessary on an official mission approved by the king or if required by order of their country if an enemy has entered the Antarctic Circle. The Penguins get the Prince to Antarctica using a sleeper cell submarine pod, which kept the Prince in a relaxed sleep sedation, The Penguins plan to meet him there in Antarctica. However, trouble strikes almost every 2,000 miles as first, Skipper orders Rico to test fire, only to find King Julien had stowawayed in the torpedo tubes. Luckily, learning from their previous mistakes & anticipation for a scheme like this, the Penguins refilled the torpedo tubes. But then, the Penguins are steered off course by Julien & the breakdown of one of the rear wings that balances the sub from doing barrel rolls while turning along with a balance meter, which is set everytime they turn by Skipper, Rico goes out to repair the damage while Skipper & Kowalski work furiously to slow down the sub & manage to override the computer to reboot the autopilot. They end up running out of fuel once they finished, Kowalski sends the sub to the surface & refuels it, but they are later attacked by sharks, To stop the breach from sinking the sub, they board up the holes & put the spilled water in the sub into the ballast tank storages. Then, they end up in a famous shipwreck of the S.S. Penguin, they end up getting lost in the wreck until they end up going out the front & are snared by the tractor beams of a supersub, which is revealed to have been owned by Penguin Organization researchers who are exploring the wreck for any artifacts & to find Dr. Blowhole, who is currently ruling the Southern Atlantic & invading fish citys in Antarctic waters. The Penguins are given a trip to the border of the Antarctic Circle & Empire. The Penguins enter & find Kowalski's secret submarine garage, which he built before he was forced to leave Antarctica, The Penguins meet the Prince on an Antarctic chariot & head to South Pole City. Here, Private has been enjoying the luxury of being prince, still fooling guards into believing he's the Prince, Kowalski, Rico & Skipper attempt to persuade Private to throw off the Prince's luxurious lifestyle & give it back to the Prince & return home. Private however denys Skipper's command to step down & orders the guards to escort them out of the palace, Kowalski is sent to diplomatically reason with Private in a better tone of politeness, which Skipper lacked, Kowalski explains that Private doesn't know how much authority he'd have & how dangerous being king could be, so Private is told by Kowalski he had half an hour to decide. By 12:00 a.m., Private's deadline, The Penguins meet the king & Private & the Prince swap spots, The King, however, isn't pleased that the Penguins ignored his laws & believes they attempted sabotage on his son & he claims it was plot that Private was in to overthrow him, he orders the Penguins to be arrested, but then faints from coldness. The guards believe the King died so they ask the Prince, who now is King, if they should arrest the Penguins, but the King lets them go & the Penguins are warned that even though they weren't being arrested from his father's will, they had to be careful on their journey home because of Dr. Blowhole. Kowalski guides the sub out of the garage & leaves the fish city the sub garage entrance is located, but the Penguins encounter Dr. Blowhole's terrorism subs & are pursued at maximum speed through the ocean by Blowhole's subs. The subs chase them back into the shipwreck of the S.S. Penguin, but they lose their left & right wings. Kowalski dispatches an SOS for a Penguin supersub to save them, however, Blowhole's supersubs receive the message, either misinterpreting the SOS, saying that one of their regular subs had been damaged or they know exactly that it's for the Penguin Organization. The Penguins take a close call as they float into the open water & their sub is nearly sucked into Dr. Blowhole's supersub's sub destroyers, but the tractor beam of a Penguin supersub wins over & they are safely escorted to the New York Bay, but Blowhole knows of their location & fires a torpedo attack on the Penguins' sub's main turbine, damaging it & sending them to the ocean floor, as well as breaching the walls again. The Penguins are beyond help of the Penguin Organization & it was still too far for a Penguin to swim up to the water, so the Penguins use ejection pods just as the water begins to cut off the oxygen, Julien somehow, got into a sleeper cell & ended up flying to Antarctica. The Penguins end up back at the Zoo & learn from a mail call of Julien's appearance in Antarctica, Julien then reappears in the zoo a week later due to the Prince's quick thinking as his father had already woken up.


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