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Moon Wars
Episode Information
Air Date: July 28, 2011
Usually Aired With: Rockgut War
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Previous Episode: Go Fish 2
Next Episode: Rockgut War
Moon Wars is another film-episode of Season 5


The Moonmen are disputing with the Sith Empire, an alliance on the dark side of the moon that have a palace on Mare Nectaris, A small city on maria of the moon, Back down on Earth, The Penguins somehow receive a transmission given off by the Sith to the Moonmen, Considering it as a threat to Earth, The Penguins retaliate by star-sixty-nining it through the computer, The Sith Empire declares that the Penguins stay out of it & Jake orders them to tell them what might be a war threat mentioned in the intercepted transmission frequency, The Sith channels the Penguins off the transmission, John prepares a space travel mission to the Moon, Jake wants to meet the Sith face-to-face & John wants to research them & the Moonmen. They meet the Moonmen, who were friendlier than the Sith, The Moonmen claim the Sith want to rule the Moon & try to invade intergalactic neighbors of the Moon, In which, Jake, believing the Sith would attempt to attack Earth first, demanded the location of their Imperial center, The Moonmen help them past the Lunar Darkness Squads that man the diameter where the Moon turns from light to dark, The Penguins are captured by the Sith Lunar Darkness Police, but say they came in peace & wish to see the Sith Lord of the Moon, The Lord claims that he is planning to attack their nearest neighbors first, which they will invade the Light Side of the Moon first to have complete lunar control & will execute every single last Moonman on the moon before they leave to invade Mars & Venus, Jake questions Earth & The Lord, who knows about Earth claims he'd want a mass invasion all over the whole planet after conquering the Light Side, Jake declares war & they depart the Moon, The Penguins come up with a plan for attack, As tactics of warfare, John suggests a full-scale laser assault on the Moon, Jake & James deny this plan because the Sith could destroy them upon learning what was happening & they could accidentally kill some Moonmen. Jack suggests a biohazardous, toxic & thermonuclear assault on the Dark Side to intimidate them/let them know they mean business, Jake approves of it, John unscrews all of the bolts that were attached 8 years before, James & Jack enter the silo to fire the missiles, They enter the launch codes, enable the missiles & launch them & activate the revolution mode to aim at Mare Nectaris so they'll land on the target, Because the Sith have no weaponry of mass destruction such as the nuclear warheads, They could not retaliate or launch any missiles in second strike to destroy the ones aimed at the base, Under a furious rage, The Sith Lord ordered a full-scale laser assault through their battleships on Earth, The Penguins find the lasers destroying almost anything, The Penguin retaliate with a second strike as Jack's earlier suggestion on a first strike wasn't enough, This time the missiles are aimed at Mare Nectaris & the battleships, The Sith however, stop sending as back on the Moon the Sith Lord had been killed by the Moonmen & Mare Nectaris was ruins, The Penguins learned of this & canceled the possible third strike.



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