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Operation Code NamesEdit

  • Operation: Sith Be Gone: Fire a first strike at the Sith Empire
  • Operation: Earth Strikes Back: Fire a second strike at the Sith Empire & their Imperial starships

Rico RegurgitatesEdit

  • Various unidentifyed weapons: To intimidate the Sith King

Options (given by Kowalski)Edit

  • Sith Death By Laser Option: Fire lasers at the Sith
  • Jack's Missile Launch Option: Launch a thermonuclear first strike at the Sith Empire's main city, Mare Nectaris

Kowalski's InventionsEdit

LGM-25C Titan II (Upgraded)
Purpose: To fire at the Sith Empire
Abilitys: Upgraded to the point it can break through the Earth's atmosphere, fly in space & revolve around the Moon
Success/Failure: Success

Science Supercomputer Analyzer (SSCA)
Purpose: To replace the old War Operation Plan Response computer & to redo unsolvable science problems
Abilitys: Works the missiles, Solves unsolvable science problems
Success/Failure: Success

King Julien Saves the DayEdit

Movie References/ParodysEdit

  • War Games: The dialogue in the missile silo is almost like the beginning of the 1982 film WarGames
  • Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa: In the silo, James tells Jack about a YouTube favorite about a lion being smacked around by an old woman, This could refer to the fight in Africa between Alex The Lion & Nana



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