Scene I: Light Side of the Moon, Moonman BaseEdit

Moonman 1: (listening to the Sith over the radio) I can't believe it, no government & the Sith are going to invade after 200 years of this.

Moonman 2: (listening to the radio) Listen, they're giving off a secret code through the radios

Radio: (unidentifiable code language) SERh25a^&(xXZ)@#$!HL2Osc\Sith/SERH2O$@&^*5

Moonman 3: Can someone translate the code

Moonman 4: +=!@#$%^&*()_+=!@#$%^&*()_+=

Moonman 3: What's he saying, Can someone tell me what he just said in Moonish

Moonman 1: I'll give it to you in Moonish, It's an intergalactic transmission of secret plans being spread out towards Mercury & Pluto, The Sith are preparing for one thing that's impacting us: Invasion

Scene II: Penguin Habitat (Interior)Edit

John: Jake, you might want to see this

John taps keys, the code appears on the computer, continuing & repeating itself, reading: SERh25a^&(xXZ)@#$!HL2Osc\Sith/SERH2O$@&^*5

Jake: What is it

John: Some extraterrestrial transmission code, I don't know when, how or why it came up, It just suddenly appeared on my radio, I can't decode the message, But my new SSCA can decode it when I bring up the Translation on SETI-related parts of the system

Jake: What's the SSCA

John: It stands for the Science Supercomputer Analyzer, Don't worry, it's not like the W-O-P...

Jake: Oh, I know what other computer you're talking about, That monstrosity nearly destroyed us all

John: (irritated at Jake's comment on the WOPR) It wasn't monstrous, it was a machine that was just learning, just because it was just a giant pile of metal that had no nervous system, filled with artificial intelligence, doesn't mean it didn't have feelings

Jake: Just keep this computer under control, If I find one screw-up made by that tin can, it's going exactly where that pile of metal went last time after the furnace

John: (walks in front of the SSCA, which was right behind them the whole time & holds up his flippers as if he was defending it from Jake) This machine will help us with knowing of any problems in space & mysterys we can't solve, If you want to put it in the Junkyard, fine, but when an alien invasion comes, The SSCA will be pieces & we'll never know till it's too late to act

Scene III: Penguin Habitat (Exterior)Edit

John pops out of the hole

John: Apparently, the aliens locked me out & refuse to let us look into the messages & they kept calling me dumb names such as "Disgusting blue duck", A penguin is black, not blue.

Jake: Gentlemen, Prepare yourselves to go to the moon!

Jack & James gasp

Scene IV: Penguin One RocketEdit

Jake: John, give us the Air Gum

John hands Jake a bag of chewing gum & Jake takes out 4 wads

Jake: Alright, Chew up this gum as much as you can to save your oxygen, This gum will last for 24 hours before we need to take more wads, Alright.

The Penguins chew on the wads, Thin white air drips out of their beaks as they chew

Jake: Alright, Let's blow this popsicle stand!

John prepares the countdown

John: Countdown in T minus 30 seconds, enabling all rocket cannons

John flaps ten switches, the rocket cannons under the rocker start, John inserts & turns a key & Jake inserts the second key & John holds his flipper above the Launch button

John: T minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3...

Jake turns the second key & prepares to hit the second Launch button

John: 2, 1... Launch!

Jake & John tap their buttons, The rocket cannons get ready to launch, Jake & John insert two more keys & turn them, The dynamite under the rocket explodes along with more sticks in the cannons, causing the rocket to fly off to the Moon, James watches as Earth gets smaller & smaller

Scene V: Light Side of the MoonEdit

The Moon grows larger, Suddenly, missiles are launched from the light side, they soon stop.

John: Homing in on a launch site

The Penguins break out of the rocket in battle poses, The Moonmen greet them

Moonman 1: Greetings... Uh, I'm sorry, what are you.

John: We are Penguins, species from the Planet Earth, You speak English

Moonman 2: Technically, we speak Moonish, which by coincidence, is exactly like your language

Jake: Give me intel, Who is your leader

Moonman 1: We have no leader, That's why the Sith decided to invade us.

John: Who is the Sith

Moonman 2: The Sith is the species that live on the Dark Side of the Moon, They have an empire they call the Sith Empire, It's palace is in Mare Nectaris

John: You mean inside the Sea of Nectar on the Dark Side of the Moon

Moonman 1: Apparently, the city name is from the sea it's in

Moonman 2: However, the leader of the Sith, The Sith King refuses to let us into the Dark Side as he forbids us to build an army, if we even build one secret group of members to fight, he'll kill every single Moonman & he only lets the Sith Darkness Police Squads in & out of the Dark Side

Jake: I'd like to have a chat with this ridiculous king & talk some real straight sense into that big brain of his

Scene VI: Dark Side of the MoonEdit

The Penguins are sped across the Dark Side of the Moon to a golden palace lit dimmly in Mare Nectaris, Sith civilians gasp as they pass & the guards escort the Penguins to the king upon hearing their request, The king sat on a high throne with a crown

Sith King: Gah! Stupid, disgusting blue pigeons, Get those dirty ducks out of my sight

John: We are penguins & we are black, not blue & we're not pigeons

Jake: Listen, I want to talk to you

Sith King: Alright, fine, what do you want

Jake: To discuss the code sent through the solar system & the possible threat to the safety of Planet Earth

Sith King: Look, I'm busy dealing with the Moonmen society, I don't have time to mess around, especially with some filthy, disgusting Earth duck

Jake: What was that code

Sith King: The code was a transmission to our friends blockading Mercury to Pluto that we want them to return & shoot down the Moonmen, We are in an official war with them as we are currently fighting with all of our weapons, We plan to destroy our intergalactic neighbors to gain control of the solar system & then, we will rule the galaxy & then, the universe!

Jake: Listen, I'm considering ourselves neutral to your war as I'm not siding with the Moonmen, but if you threatening the safety of my planet, I will join the Moonmen & take up arms against you

Sith King: Ridiculous bird, You can't possibly take up arms against me as you have no weapons as I can see

Jake: Oh yeah, Jack

Jack pulls out several weapons, all to be confiscated by the guards

Sith King: Look, I have a few things I need to do

Jake: Consider this a warning, Take my advice & keep my home planet out of this war & you'll never see or hear from us ever again

Sith King: Why, your not going to stop the most powerful empire on the whole Earth moon system. I suggest you run along now before I call my blood spikers

Jake: Alright, that was your warning & you chose to exceed the limits, now, we are declaring war on you, The next thing that comes at you from Earth will be from us & you'll know that we mean business, (To the other penguins) Let's go!

They leave the palace & walk away, John gives them all a wad of the Air Gum, thin white air leaves their mouths

Scene VII: Penguin One RocketEdit

James waves goodbye to the Moonmen, The rocket blasts off, The Moon grows smaller & smaller, Earth is seen growing larger & larger in the distance from the front of the rocket

Scene VIII: Penguin Habitat (Interior)Edit

Jake is pacing back & forth in front of the others

Jake: Okay, team, I need Sith Assault Options now, John

John: I suggest a full-scale laser attack on the Sith

Jake: Forget it, John, we're sided with the Moonmen, we don't want to accidentally kill a few or we'll become a threat to them just after they kindly brought us to the Sith King

Jack: I have an idea

Jake: Jack

Jack: How about we reuse those old missile silos we haven't used in years

Jake: Well, I don't know Jack, remember our last recruit team failed to launch & hesitated to turn their keys, I'm not sure if James has the feeling of launching those missiles & besides, those doors are bolted down so no one can get in, But maybe, James, Do you think you can launch those missiles

James: Yeah

Jake: Alright, John, I want you to unbolt the silo door & rewire the computers to their original programs, Commence Operation: Sith Be Gone now!

Scene IX: Penguin SiloEdit

John unscrews the bolts to the silo mirror door, The door opens when John turns the keys, He rewires the computers, Jack & James walk up

Jack: We're ready

John: Okay, now, Jake wants you to prove to him you're capable of doing this, therefore, I want you to go in their & do what you're supposed to do, Remember, what happened last time the silo was used.

Jack: Yeah, but that was 8 years ago, before then, James couldn't play even the game Global Thermonuclear War,

James: Jake said I'm lucky we have our discipline safety reports, We can commit some bad problems that our reports cover to keep us safe from ending up in the Lemur jail

John: Now, can we focus on what we're doing here, Jake will be monitoring from my lab on how you two are doing in launching the missiles, he won't see or hear what you say or do, but he'll type his orders into your computers. Now, if both of you or one of you fail to turn your keys at the right time & continue stalling our missiles, Jake will shut this whole operation down. Good night

John walks off to his lab, James & Jack walk into the silo, Jack sits in his chair, James walks over to his

Jack: So, what was that animal on the Dumb Animal Channel you were talking about

James: YouTube's #1 big hit from the 1970's: A lion getting smacked around by an old nana & she wins despite the fact the lion hits her

Jack smiles at the thought while pushing ten white buttons, a small alarm goes off

Jack: I got a red light, James

James: Which one

Jack: Number 8

James: Just give it a thump with your flipper

Jack taps the two red lights, turning on the green light

James: Alarm reset

James taps a key, bringing up the silo camera, showing the golden LGM-25C Titan II Intergalactic ballistic missile, an alarm sounds

John: (through the radio) Sky Birds, This is the Professor with a red-dash alpha message in two parts, break-break, Red-dash alpha

James: (grabbing a launch code notebook) Stand by to copy message

Jack: Standing by

John: Charlie, Peter, Edward, One, Seven, Zero, Four, Thomas, Kite, Silo

The Penguins write the first message down as CPE1704TKS

John: One: Romeo, Oscar, November, Charlie, Tango, Tango, Delta, Lemur

The Penguins write the second message as RONCTTDL

James: I have a valid message, Stand by to authenticate

Jack: I agree with authentication

James & Jack unlock the safe above Jack's computers, They take 2 boxes, they snap their cards out of their plastic containers, Jack & James compare them

James: Enter launch code

Jack: Entering launch code

Jack writes RONCTTDL into Part One & writes CPE1704TKS into Part Two

James: Launch order confirmed

James opens his key box & takes out his key

Jack: Target Selection: Complete, Time on Target Sequence: Complete, Yield Selection: Complete

Computer voice: Begin countdown, T minus 60 seconds

James: Alright, let's do it, insert launch key

They both insert their launch keys

James: Alright, On my mark, rotate launch keys to set, 3, 2, 1, Mark!

James & Jack turn their keys to set

Computer: T minus 50

Scene X: Penguin Missile SiloEdit

The blast doors at the top of the silos open, The LGM-25C Titan II begins whirring

Scene XI: Penguin SiloEdit

Jack: Roger & set

Jack looks at James as he prepares to open the red holders & turn the switches

Jack: Uh, James

Computer: T minus 40

James: Um, enable missiles

Jack: 1 enabled, 2 enabled, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, All missiles enabled

Computer: T minus 20

James: Alright, On my mark, rotate launch keys to launch

Jack: Roger, ready to go to launch

James: 13, 12, 11

The missile silo begins filling up with smoke as the missile prepares to fire

Computer: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Launch!

James: Launch!

Jack & James turn the keys

Scene XII: Penguin Missile SiloEdit

An explosion echoes in the silo as the missiles cannons explode, creating a golden spark

Scene XIII: AtmosphereEdit

The missile flys out to the top of the atmosphere

Scene XIV: SpaceEdit

The missiles fly from the Earth to the Moon, They fly into the dark atmosphere of the Moon's night side

Scene XV: Dark Side of the MoonEdit

The Sith people gasp at the missiles, suddenly, The King appears

Sith King: What in the name of Moon cheese is that

The screen goes to the distance, A small mushroom cloud spurts & dissipates under the lack of oxygen

Sith King: (cleaning himself) This was no attack by the Moonmen, No, we have no technology that destructive, It appears only one group could've done this, Those disgusting Earth ducks, they'll pay, they'll all pay!



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