Character Information
Gender Male
Species Gray tabby cat
New York
Raised in New York
(lives in)
New York
Age Unknown
  • Expert/Master Thievery
Where can we find him/her
The Thief of the Zoo
Karaoke Madness (Possible appearance)
(Appears in flashback(s))

Nermal (a.k.a Nermal The Sneak) is an pro/expert/master criminal of New York as he is hunted by many animal law enforcement divisions & organizations that he robbed. He probably went worldwide to the whole Western hemisphere of the world as the animal spy divisions & police divisions of different country's of Neverland such as Britain, Denmark, Spain & France, are after him


Early YearsEdit

Nermal was a thief who climbed ranks & possibly robbed several countrys as their law enforcement & spy divisions are after him, From countrys such as Britain (England, Holland, Germany, Poland & Scotland), Spain, France & Denmark


Curse you, Penguins, You can't keep me in Neverland forever, I'll escape, You will pay, Everyone will pay & I'll seek vengeance

-Nermal to the Penguins when he is being ported away to the jail

The Penguins first met him in 2041 when he stole from the lemurs, otter, kangaroos, rhinos, chimps & other residents of the Zoo, As he robbed the Penguins, he got caught, The Penguins incapitated him & notifyed the Lemurs, Despite the fact the lemurs couldn't hold a cat in custody & Nermal was more serious, The Penguins handed Nermal over to the police of the Neverland nations of Britain, Spain, Denmark & France.

Escape from Neverland & ReturnEdit

Nermal, at some point, escaped the International Jail & returned to New York to reek his revenge on the Penguins, He escaped in the 2044 Mass Breakout & robbed many humans & animals in New York


Nermal possibly stole the secret plans from the Torture Twins. He was later captured & rounded up like all the other tabby cats of New York by the Torture Twins & was interrogated/tortured for hints of evidence of knowledge of the secret files.


The Thief of the Zoo (First appearance)

Karaoke Madness (Appears in flashback(s))

See AlsoEdit


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