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Officer X Returns
Episode Information
Air Date: September 13, 2011
Usually Aired With: Lemur War
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: Stop Bugging Me
Next Episode: Lemur War

Officer X Returns is an episode of Season 4


Officer X has returned to the zoo as Alice hires him to watch the Penguins when learning that they both hate the Penguins & know something weird is going on around them, The Penguins try to leave decoys so X doesn't know that the Penguins are gone, but as they attempt their fish thievery heists, X always constantly stops them from getting out of their habitat as he chops down their decoys because he knows the plushes are fake & he tells Alice a new plan to make them behave: Stop ordering fish so quickly & make one delivery of fish every month, The starving Penguins leave to the sewers & get to Marlene's habitat, finally realizing X can't harm them if he doesn't know they're there, Marlene, who was through with X standing by her habitat helps, by leaving her habitat, However, X captures her & they attempt to transfer her to another zoo & the Penguins will get the same ticket if X catches them, So, They get Max & Mort & The Red Rhodesian Slasher to help, Rico paints the Slasher the same color as Max & Mort distracts X while they cancel out Marlene's transfer, X catches the Slasher & is shred to million pieces. X quits the job & ends up getting sat on by Burt as the Penguins offered to give Burt 200 peanuts to sit on X as he leaves.


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