Old Lemur Empire


1960's-August 20, 1972


Madagascan Jungle
Northern Madagascar
Beaver Hemisphere


Jean Bison



First Appearance:


The Old Lemur Empire is the Madagascan Empire version of the New Lemur Empire.


Before the PenguinsEdit

The Empire was founded sometime before King Julien XIII, It made allys with a part that seceded in the Southern side of Madagascar, called the Lemur Kingdom (also known as the Confederate Empire of Madagascar/Lemurs or Confederacy for short), But it broke allys with the Confederacy & began a huge civil war, which lasted several years until Jean Bison (King Julien XI, The grandfather of King Julien XIII), who was mutated into a bison from a lemur by the Beavers & had a lemur son, was made king, Lord Julien X, then, declared the next heir to the throne would be the one to end the war before the island fell apart & dragged a severe involvement of other countrys & continents, King Julien XII, King Julien XIII's deceased father, made a treaty with the Confederacy to prevent a chain reactive event that could destroy the Republic of both empires forever or for a very long time.


Just after the war, King Julien XIII was born, his father passed away, Lord Bison took care of Julien to make sure he'd live to keep the Lemur Clan at the top ranks of king & lord & keep the family name alive, In 1970, The Penguins arrived with a lion, zebra, hippo & giraffe, Bison had gone to the Confederacy at that point to deal with the fossa problem, leaving King Julien XIII in charge of the Empire, Because Bison bossed Julien around & said no king by the name of Lemur dances, he kept Julien from having dance partys & leaving Julien behind left him the advantage to have a few, But at one of them, A gang of fossa attacked the party, The lion scared the fossa away, Because the lion was going wild after hanging out, Maurice decided that the lion named Alex was threatening the safety of the Lemur Republic, in which, Julien agreed after seeing Alex bite the zebra named Marty on the butt, Alex was then considered safe after a battle in the Confederate side of the island, Julien departed the island with the Penguins, Lord Bison returned afterward to find his grandson gone, He waited for his son to return & then, 3 years later, Bison died in the Alpha War, when Africa was attacked by the Confederacy & Africa attacked the Empire & the Empire attacked the Confederacy & Africa

Later HistoryEdit

Not much is known of what occured to the Lemur Empire of Madagascar afterward, However, it is clear that if a war was real in 2037, The island would've exploded from the nuclear warfare.

Other Lemur EmpiresEdit

Lemur Empire of New YorkEdit

King Julien XIII created another empire in his new home at New York

Lemur Kingdom (a.k.a Confederacy)Edit

The Lemur Kingdom is another Madagascan empire, it used to be a part of the original empire (this one) & ended up somehow splitting off to the Southern side


Madagascar (First appearance)

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

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