Operation: Clean up the Creek
Part of the New York War
Dates: October 16, 2015
Casulty(s): None
Plan: Clean out the Creek of trash
to prevent water poisoning
Cause: Red Squirrel, who at the time
hiding in a shack on the banks
of the Creek, filled the Creek with
his own trash & food scraps & then
used it to draw the Penguins to the
Creek, allowing him to attack
Success/Failure: Semi-failure (it was a semi-failure
because of the HQ Burning for it
was a diversion)

Operation: Clean up the Creek was a Penguin mission to clean up New York Creek.


First Sky WarEdit

See: First Sky War

Outbreak of the New York WarEdit

Main Article: New York War

Battle in Blowhole CityEdit

Main Article: Battle in Blowhole City

The Penguins attack Blowhole City in an attempt to capture Dr. Blowhole.

Between April 25 & October 16, 2015Edit

The Penguins attempt to grab information off the Zoo republic to find Red Squirrel due to the deactivation of the X Network. They soon learn that the Creek had been flooded with trash, and fresh drinking water was becoming scarce.


Traveling to the CreekEdit

The Creek was far from the Zoo. The Penguins ran out to the Creek, to find its banks had trash, oil, and gas tracks, polluting the river and its own banks.

Finding the Source of PollutionEdit

Main Article: Wolf Shack

The Creek was filled with trash (such as paper, soda bottles, cans, banana peels, etc.). The Penguins investigate the mysterious flooding, and found more trash in the shack they broke into years earlier.

Cleaning the CreekEdit

The work on the Creek took 3 to 6 hours, by dusk, the Penguins finished cleaning the Creek, Unfortunately, They learned it was a diversion.


Main Article: Burning of the Penguin Headquarters

The Penguins learned their habitat was on fire from Red Squirrel


New York War (First Appearance)

See AlsoEdit


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