Operation: Shoot the Moon is a second part story movie on the rescue of Private from the moon mission after he was stranded to be left on the moon for the next 25 years.


The Penguins minus Private, begin constructing a trash-version replica of a Saturn V & train for the previously failed tests of the G-force experiences from leaving & reentering the Earth's atmosphere, weightlessness in space & the ability to hold one's breath. 5 days after Private landed on the moon & was deserted, Skipper, Kowalski & Rico suit up & launch. As they leave the Earth's atmosphere, the fifth engine of the second stage cuts off & Kowalski burns the other four to keep them from falling apart & plummeting to the Earth. Skipper & Rico then record the procedures after the end of the launch experience in the Skipper's Log & Kowalski ejects the Command-Service Module (CSM) from the S-IVB (S4b) & docks the Lunar Module (LM). The threesome then retract from the S-IVB, turn around & begin to head towards the Moon. 3 days later, Skipper & Kowalski record a transmission on the Skipper's Log with a camera that would be broadcast back to Earth in hours with a Penguin-Human Translator. After dispatching the transmission, Kowalski stirs two oxygen tanks & reads out the distance towards the Moon. The threesome enter the Moon's orbit & Skipper & Rico float into the LM & seal off the service tunnel from their side while Kowalski seals it off from his. The pair then successfully land the LM on the landing pad & retrieve Private. Kowalski steers the CSM into a circle so it will meet with the LM as the threesome ascends from the lunar orbit. The two spacecraft re-dock & the penguins prepare to jettison the LM. However, there was a design problem with the Command Module (CM). The design of the CM was based off of the Apollo CM's of the 1960's & 70's & there could only be three penguins, not four. To correct this error, the group unseal the service tunnel & continue to use the ascent stage of the LM to account the extra man & return to the Earth. Days later, before the CM is to reenter the Earth's atmosphere, Kowalski jettisons the Service Module (SM) & the group prepare for LM jettison. They all manage to squeeze into the CM & seal off the LM. Before the crucial moments where they must jettison the LM, the penguins call back to Earth & find Marlene on the radio, after having interrupted a lemur dance party that had been going on while they were away & they ask her to create a boat & to retrieve them in the New York Bay. The group then jettisons the LM & prepare for reentry with Private, Skipper, Kowalski in the upper bay of the spacecraft where the control panels are while having Rico in the lower bay where the penguins had been sleeping for the last week. Marlene & Kowalski keep constant radio contact to the moment the CM reentered the atmosphere, which cut off all radio connections due to the ionosphere. The CM reenters the atmosphere & splashes down in the New York Bay & they return home.


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