Otter Wilderness
Episode Information
Air Date: September 22, 2011
Usually Aired With: Unknown
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: The Hoboken Surprise (possibly)
Next Episode: The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole (possibly)

Otter Wilderness is an episode of Season 4


The Penguins try an experiment on Marlene for the Lemur's Department of Regulation & Control of Unknown Animals, The experiment layout involved Marlene put outside the zoo, where she'll go feral & see how she will adapt to life out there, The Penguins drop Julien into the action, leaving Marlene to be dangerously cold of emotion, In a few weeks, Marlene has turned to a were-wolfish state where she'll attempt to bite Julien, attempt to eat or kill him, This causes Kowalski to come up with the plan to restrain Marlene for the Brain Wave Analyzer test, The scale of danger reads Marlene has been dangerously since the fifth day of the second week of the experiment, They bring Marlene back to the zoo to restore herself, they use the Analyzer when she is shifted outside again, The analyzer writes she isn't too dangerous & her mind is very stable, Back in the Zoo, The analyzer writes her brain is stable & is funxctioning normally. Kowalski loses $10 as he lost a bet with Private



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