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Penguin Bank Robbers
Episode Information
Air Date: July 9, 2011
Usually Aired With: Go Fish 2
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: War Games
Next Episode: Go Fish 2
Penguin Bank Robbers was an episode that aired on July 9, 2011


The Penguins discover that Jake has been paralyzed by a battle that occurred previously & needed an operation in Denmark, which could save him at the cost of $250,000, but the Lemur Empire's Imperial Insurance Department couldn't cover the cost & Marlene couldn't help the Penguins with the problem, Jake suggests they rob the Empire's top security banks of $250,000 to get the money, The Penguins plan to rob the Lady Lemur Express Bank, which had been the most secure & only bank that could cover $250,000. At the heist, John hacks the computer to keep security away from Jack & James, who go to the vault room & James attempts to free-climb up to the vault, which was 100 feet suspended off the floor, James quickly enters codes till he finds out the name of the code was Lucinda, because Lucinda had designed the vault code, However, Due to the failure to operate the exit code, An alarm sounded, commencing lockdown on all sectors of the bank, which caused confusion to Julien, Lucinda, Maurice, Mort & all the guests at the party in the bank lobby, Lieutenant Ferrell investigates & announces a "Code Seven" to the Police, The Penguins escape the Lemur police & escort Jake to Marlene's to get him a transport, Jake is transferred to Denmark, Meanwhile, Marlene had acquired a check for $250,000 from Denmark, The Penguins take it & pay back the Lemurs.



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