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Operation Code NamesEdit

  • Operation: Rob the Bank: Rob $250,000 from Lady Lemur Express Bank after the refusal of medical insurance coverage

Rico/Jack RegurgitatesEdit

  • Climbing Gear: To help James climb up to the vault
  • Electronic Toy Car: To help James disable the motion detector lasers on the staircase
  • Car parts: To build cars

Options (given by Kowalski/John)Edit

  • Insurance Coverage Option: Have their insurance cover the operation
  • Bank Robbery Option: (This option was originally planned by everyone, Jake was the first to suggest it) Best ways to rob the bank by knowing it's security, floor plan & how to get the money

Kowalski/John's InventionsEdit

Climbing Gear
Purpose: To help James climb up to the vault in case of failure to lower it
Abilitys: Climb up steep or straight walls
Success/Failure: Semi-failure
Cause of failure/semi-failure: Managed to work, but James got it jammed while climbing

StrikerX5000 Cars
Purpose: To escape the Lemurs
Abilitys: Can fire up to extreme speeds, higher than necessary for getting away, Fires jacks
Success/Failure: Success

King Julien Saves the DayEdit

  • Knocked out security guards & delayed police: Duchess Lucinda saved the Penguins by cutting a deal with them after knocking out the security guards that she'll delay the police by 5 minutes for $250,000 in a week after Jake's operation

Movie References/ParodysEdit

  • Catch that Kid: The episode is based on the 2004 movie, Catch that Kid, where 3 kids break into a bank & steal $250,000.



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