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Episode BasedEdit

  • Jake is paralyzed, he doesn't play a major speaking role in this episode
  • Julien, Lucinda, Maurice, Mort, Ferrell & Marlene all have minor roles as they only appear in the bank
  • This is the only appearance of the Imperial Lemur Insurance Department

Foul Ups, Bloops & BlundersEdit

  • When James is climbing, He appears to have 2 straps of his harness on the front to make an X, But when his gear is jammed & he free-climbs the wall, the X has vanished
  • When Lucinda is giving James a tour, she claims the motion detectors shoot a slippery liquid that is purple, but when James disables the lasers after driving a car through them, the liquid is as clear as water, but in the next shot, it disappeared

DVD ReleasesEdit



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