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This is a list of terms for the Penguin Card Collection:

Red Word TermsEdit


Red C's mean contests, which are forms of fun competitions


Rare is red & means the card is hard to find

Blue Word TermsEdit

Blue words such as very rare means that the card can be found exclusively on few pages

Green Word TermsEdit

Coming soon

White Word TermsEdit

Coming soon

Black Word TermsEdit

Coming soon

Advanced TermsEdit

Active Brother CardEdit

Active Brother Cards are cards that are currently linked & can be featured as second cards in contests if neither one has neutral/black words

Inactive Brother CardEdit

Inactive Brother Cards are brother cards in which one of them is neutral, breaking the activity of the second card rule, The card that is neutral will no longer be featured as a second card in a contest.

Active Brother RuleEdit

The Active Brother Rule or the Second Card Rule is a rule in contests where if a brother card is won, the winner could recieve the brother card as a second card, the rule can't work on inactive brother cards (where one card is neutral)

Tri-Brother CardsEdit

Sometimes, there can be three brother cards, in which can be another version of the Second Card Rule, known as the Third Card Rule in this case. The Second Card Rule is still operable if even 1 tri-brother card is neutral

Pack-Brother CardsEdit

If four or more brother cards are linked, there is the Package Deal Rule, also known as the Four Card Rule.

Super Card CollectorEdit

A Super Card Collector is a collector whose earned all active cards,

Extreme Card CollectorEdit

An Extreme Card Collector is a collector whose earned all cards in the collection (this is impossible if even one single card is neutral)

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