This page has been deleted
Deleted by: TRiddle50
Deletion Date: October 2, 2011
Reasons for Deletion It is useless

This is a message board for the Penguin Card Collection Gallery on Polls & Contests:

Newest thing in TRiddle50's WorldEdit

I am making a card collection in which, are Penguin cards, There will be messages about contests & polls soon, Enjoy the gallery.


The new Kowalski card is up on the wall with the Skipper one, From July 5 to July July 12, There will be a election on which card is better, Just scroll down to comments on this page & write which card you like better (Sorry, I couldn't supply pictures) The card with the most votes will be displayed with a green label marking it being a Top 10.


If no card has at least one vote greater than the other card, the two cards will have black words claiming Neutral, meaning that none of those cards won any vote & they would be held in the card collection gallery, they would be unable to be voted into the Top 10 or be in any contests


Both cards Kowalski & Skipper are neutralized, which they aren't going to be in any future contest or poll from this point, therefore, they'll remain dormant on that page.

Second Card Rule DeactivationEdit

Because Skipper is now neutral, as stated on the term list, the Second Card Rule has been broken, the brother cards are Skipper & Rico, Rico is still operable, but is an inactive brother card as he is still available in a contest or poll, but cannot come with his other brother card (Skipper card) because of the deactivation of the Second Card Rule


The Rico card will be featured on a contest, Go to my talk page & write down your user account (you must have a real account that is identifyed on this site) link your account to your profile, I can then, place the card on your talk page in a Winner of the Rico Contest section, (first response I find will be the winner) Remember this, if no one writes their user account in for the Rico card, the card will be featured in a new contest 10 days after the day the contest ends: July 20, 2011, The contest would re-open on July 30.



The contest has been delayed, please go to my talk page & write your user account to be a winner, if you don't, you won't win, the contest will open up again on July 30,


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