Penguin family

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The Christmas Caper

The Penguin family is a family that lived in Antarctica, Central Park Zoo & Penguin Island.


Generation 1 (Before the Penguin Organization)Edit

Before Skipper, Rico, Private, and Kowalski were born, Jake I (father of Skipper & Rico) was born along with Jack I (Kowalski's father), James I (Private's father), Louise (Skipper & Rico's mother), Sam (Kowalski's mother), and Mary (Private's mother). The table below shows what trait the next generation inherited:

Next Generation Side inherited Trait
Skipper Paternal Courage, Strength, Determination & Agility
Rico Paternal Courage, Strength, Determination & Agility
Kowalski Paternal Strength (if he inherited his mother's trait, he would've been the Kowalski seen today)
Private Maternal Soft personality

Generation 2 (The Penguins)Edit

Kowalski was born in 1930 and when was 14, he was banned from his colony in Antarctica, and became a Titan for Britain. There he met his uncle Jake, and trained his uncle to be a Titan. Unfortunately, Jake became Darth Vader for the Dutch Empire of Neverland. Skipper & Rico were born in 1955 & 1956, (Skipper was the second oldest of the Penguins, being born a year before Rico). Skipper was memory tested along with Rico to make sure they had no memories of Darth Vader. Private was born in 1957, and one by one the Penguins soon met up. In 1968, Kowalski met a 13 year old Skipper, 12 year old Rico, and a 11 year old Private at the Zoo. Their adventures lead through the First Sky War, the New York War, and the Second Sky War. Unfortunately, 2 years after the Second Sky War, in 2027, an assassin named Draco Malfoy, killed Kowalski (he died at the age 97). Skipper followed in 2030 (he died at the age of 75), then Rico in 2031 (he died at the age of 75, too). Private was the last one to die, in 2035 (he died at the age of 77). Private took care of Kowalski, Skipper, and Rico's only sons, along with own before he died.

Generation 3 (After the Penguin Organization, Heirs of the Penguins continued)Edit

In 2040, the Penguin Heirs, Jake, Jack, John & James continued the Penguin family name along with their parents' organization.

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