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This article is based on the Penguin Habitat, You may be looking for the 1942-1930 version, Penguin Habitat (Season 1-4)

Penguin Habitat
Made: 1942 or earlier (upgraded
with more levels & rooms
in 2030's)
Destroyed (year): Never
Known Inhabitants:
Location: Central Park Zoo
Central Park
Manhattan, New York
  • Jake
  • John (substitute in case of
    the event that Jake is absent,
    put to the condition he can not
    fulfill his duties, or has died)
Cost: $250,000 Human currency, Tax to
live in by the Lemur Empire is $125

The Penguin Habitat is the home of the Penguins in the 2030-2040's, It's owned by the Lemur Empire after King Julien XIV took reign after Kowalski's death as Kowalski was currently the secret owner of the Penguin Habitat as he owned the deed to the habitat ever since he first lived there


Previous historyEdit

Main article: Penguin Habitat (Season 1-4)

The habitat was owned by Kowalski as Kowalski held keeper of the deed ever since his shipment in 1942, When he died, The deed was owned by Skipper, who soon passed, However, when Skipper died, Julien XIV reigned the zoo as heir to the throne, he ordered the Homing Act, where all zoo habitats shall be put under his ownership & inhabitants will require a tax to live there or the Zoo Transfer Office will ship them to another zoo such as Hoboken, Bronx or other zoos. Julien however, put up a law that he can only own the habitats with no inhabitants & the only way to own the deed of an inhabited habitat is that when the holder of the deed dies, The king shall have the power to take the deed. Julien took the deed & the Penguins had to pay $125 to live there for one more year.

Current historyEdit

The habitat has been outfitted with new levels, rooms & escape tunnels.

Habitat & Locations linkedEdit


The exterior remains the same


Interior changes were made as a missile silo has been annexed to the main section of the entrance, secured by a mirror door that was eventually bolted down on Jake's orders. Newer levels have also been made such as the Penguin Incapacitation Facility, All lower levels from Levels 1-3, 6-11 can be accessed by stairs, but all levels downward or restricted can only be accessed by the elevator


The elevator accesses all 15 levels, If the number is red, it is a level that cannot be accessed by stairs, only elevator, the blue words will explain why

  1. Level 1- Main
  2. Level 2- John's Lab
  3. Level 3- Storage
  4. Level 4- UFO
  5. Level 5- Mutated monsters that have failed
  6. Level 6- Penguin Incapacitation Facility
  7. Level 7- Penguin Interrogation Room
  8. Level 8- Weapon Facility
  9. Level 9- Weapon/Computer Room
  10. Level 10- Retired weapons
  11. Level 11- Retired inventions
  12. Level 12- Tested inventions that failed
  13. Level 13- Hidden level- Untested inventions
  14. Level 14- Safe Level
  15. Level 15- Hidden level- Secret/Unknown level

At some point in the 2030's, The elevator was rewired so now it is key operated for restricted levels, Inside, Each penguin has four elevator keys that way, If one was going down to a restricted level, they use their four keys to operate the authentication, knowing that it is authorized, If all four are in the elevator, Each penguin uses one key, This new systems allows only Penguins to access the restricted levels, If the elevator was exposed & a thief had to use the elevator to get to a restricted level such as Levels 12-15, They will not be able to access them as the buttons light up only when all four keys have been turned, As an example: While Jake was gone & the Penguins were asleep in 2045, Julien had to pickpocket Jack in his sleep after learning that he couldn't operate the elevator to go to Level 14, where John hid the power cell. The elevator also has an alert system that works as traffic lights: Red, Yellow & Green

  • Red = The elevator is stopped, going down or up to other levels or is coming
  • Yellow = Alert signal as the elevator is on it's way once it's two levels above/below the level it's approaching, it's also a warning signal that the doors must close as another level is calling it
  • Green = The elevator has arrived to the floor & will depart soon


Penguin Interrogation RoomEdit

The Penguin Interrogation Room is an interrogation room on Level 7

Penguin Incapacitation FacilityEdit

The Penguin Incapacitation Facility is a prison facility on Level 6 for prisoners who are soon to be delivered to jail or further interrogation

Retired Invention/WeaponsEdit

Retired Inventions & Weapons are Levels 10-11, They contain inventions that are outdated, damaged, destroyed (ruins/remains of them) or not useful any longer, same with weapons, Some weapons such as missiles that are outdated are disposed to the underground Dead Missile Pits somewhere in Downtown City

Missile Silo (Connected)Edit

The missile silo is connected to the habitat on Level's 1 or 2, it contains the launch computers & all controls to launch the missiles, It is blocked up by a mirror door that was soon bolted up by Jake's orders because several of their missileers hesitated to turn their keys while practicing live fire exercises of nuclear attacks

Missile Silo (Disconnected)Edit

The missile silos are disconnected & lie somewhere inside or around the Zoo & supply as homes to the HGM-25A Titan I Intercontinental ballistic missiles & LGM-25C Titan II Intercontinental/Intergalactic ballistic missiles

Secret TunnelsEdit

There is a network of secret tunnels inside the HQ, The one on Level 1/The main floor (which led to the Lemur Habitat) has been removed from the back wall, The secret tunnel entrances are in unknown levels, they could possibly be scattered throughout the HQ, hidden/disguised as the wall or can only be accessed by the ventilation shafts. It is possible that some entrances are located on the secretly hidden Level 15. The secret tunnels are filled with dangerous defenses & the entrances are bolted into walls & are bulletproof steel, Attack pods, gunships or soldiers armed could break the walls.

Decoy TunnelsEdit

Tunnel Access
Tunnel 17H Level 3, Back wall, Right of vents of dirt in the tunnel
Tunnel 48S Level 15 (possibly)
Tunnel 95A Level 11, Ventilation shaft
Tunnel 1J Level 2, Ventilation shaft

Removed TunnelsEdit

Tunnel Access Reason Exit
Tunnel 1A Level 1, Back wall Removed because of it's possible exposure as it's tall & hidden behind the TV Lemur Habitat, Under the fruit bar
Tunnel 7H Level 5 Removed as it is improperly placed, location renders use impossible Lexington Train Station, A Line Track
Tunnel 97G Level 14 Removed as it is improperly placed, location requires dialing locks & coded keypads to open, rendering this tunnel a safety hazard Grand Central Station, E Line Track
Tunnel 13B Level 2 Removed under exposure in the exit under the destruction caused by Dr. Blowhole's attack pod in the 1970's, It's twin, 13A replaced it, but likewise, was removed under same reason as Dr. Blowhole's attack pod exposed the exit in 2045 Somewhere along the C Line of the New York Subway System

Real TunnelsEdit

Other tunnels have been consolidated by bulletproof-strength resistant walls, their exits can only be locked from the inside, the exterior wall will not budge or dent through any rough attacks by attack pods or guns after Dr. Blowhole's ambush in 2045.

Restricted LevelsEdit

Level 12: Inventions that failedEdit

This level was soon restricted as it became a failed invention storage, The inventions weren't put on Level 11 because that level was a museum-like level, which was safer, The danger of these inventions render this level dangerous

Level 13: Untested Inventions - HiddenEdit

This secret level has been restricted since the 1970's, but lack of key operation allowed it to be an easy access level, It contains untested (likely to fail) inventions

Level 14: Safe LevelEdit

This is a new level, it was built in the 2030's, it is the bank of the habitat as it contains several safes, The level is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Dial Lock Safes
  2. State of the Art Keypad Electromagnetic Lock Safes
  3. Dial & State of the Art Keypad Electromagnetic Lock Safes

The first section contains simple dial locks which can be typed, The second section contains advanced safes with more secure locks as the correct encryptions unlock the magnetic hold on the locks, The third section contains the best, top-secret safe locks, These safes are used for holding top-secret inventions, weapons or artifacts. John used these safes to keep his power cell safe in 2045. Some codes, however, are very obvious in the second & third section as James hid artifacts, he typed in the code M-A-R-L-E-N-E as the combination, As his fault for lack of brains, Julien succeeded in typing in Marlene's name to steal the Golden Squirrel artifact during the war between the Lemurs & Penguins. Jack typed in F-I-S-H to hide the top-secret super rocket cannon. John also wrote in D-O-R-I-S, Mort actually succeeded in helping Julien stealing the power cell from that obvious code.


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